Bad, Bad, Bad
Erica, 10, South Dakota
Moral:  Do not play with something electronic if you do not know how it works or if it is not yours.
My fable is:

Once upon a time in the Land of Oz there lived a rabbit named Fluffita who knew that she should not play her brother Alitana's play station 2 because, not only was it not hers, but she did not know how to use it.  But one day when her brother, Alitana, was at a music festival she and her friend Commenta went up to his room and played it anyway.

Then, when Alitana got home, he found out that his PS2 was broken and then he found out that Fluffita was playing with it.  Then Alitana told his mom and dad that Fluffita broke his play station 2.

Then Fluffita had to make enough money to have it fixed.

































Sally Went To Her Cousin
Breylin, 8, South Dakota
Moral:  Pushing is not nice.
My fable is:

Sally, the elephant, went to her cousin Mary's house because her mom, Susan, was having a baby.  When she got there my cousin's friends the elephants and the giraffes Paul and Bob were pushing.  Then they pushed me too.  I told my aunt.   She told my cousin's friend's mom.  Then they all got in trouble.

The Mouse And The Elephant
Moriah, 11, Florida
Moral:  You're not as big as you think you are.
My fable is:

There once was a very mean elephant named Trunks and a teeny tiny mouse named Tike whom always got picked on by Trunks.  One day Tike got very tired and thought, "I bet one day I would be able to scare trunks."  Soon he did.  Trunks never bugged anybody again.

The Squirrels And The Monkey
Courtney, 11, Florida
Moral:  Practice makes perfect.
My fable is:

Once there where twin squirrels named Sparky and Rusty.  There was also a monkey named Fred.  Sparky and & Rusty had pogo sticks and always bragged, “Ha, we can do something you can’t.  Ha Ha.”

Fred was so furious and as they say, monkey see monkey do, so Fred went and got a pogo stick and got back at the twins, “Ha!  I got a pogo stick and I’m going to be better than you!” exclaimed Fred.  Fred went home and practiced, practiced, practiced.  In the meanwhile the twins where eating acorns and watching TV.

Sparky said, “We are soooooooooooo good we will have time tomorrow to practice.”  But what if he gets better than us?” Rusty said worriedly.  The next day, Fred went to the twins' tree and said with lots of confidence, “I demand a jump of right here right now.”

They all grabbed their pogo sticks and started jumping.  Sparky, the stubborn squirrel, was the first to fall trying to show off and do a trick.  “Ha!” said Fred.  The worried twin, Rusty, fell shortly after his brother.  Fred repeated himself, “Ha!”  Fred finally quit jumping and went home after he got revenge.

I told you I would beat you and win with joy,” said Fred.

The Lion And The Donkey
Marcus and Paul, 10, Texas
Moral:  Help Those Who Are Unfortunate.
My fable is:

There was once a lion king named Harry and a donkey named Bradley.  One day the donkey asked the lion for help because his mom was sick and he couldn't afford the medicine.  The lion said in a horrible voice, "NO!"

The same day the king had to keep his title and compete with someone.  The town had to choose his opponent and they chose the donkey.  The king was shocked to see his opponent.  But he wasn't worried.  The king and the donkey competed in the town and the town voted and the donkey won!

A month later the lion asked the donkey for help.  The donkey said, "yes, I will help you because unlike you I will help those who are unfortunate."

The Fox And The Rabbit
Johanna and Andrew, 10, Texas
Moral:  Don't Ever Lie.
My fable is:

Once upon a time there was a fox and a rabbit.  The fox tricked the rabbit into digging his shed.  The fox said there was gold in his small shed, but it was underground.  The rabbit believed him and started digging right away.

Then the fox fell asleep and the rabbit saw a shimmer in the ground.   "O my God this is so exciting, I found gold.  I can't believe it!  I found gold again!"  Then the fox woke up and saw the rabbit with a handful of gold.  "I can't believe it," said the fox.  It really is gold.

Then the fox went running to his shed.  The fox told the rabbit to leave, but the rabbit said, "I have to get a part too because I found it!"

But the fox said, "no," so the rabbit left.

Feeling tricked, the rabbit learned never to trust the fox again for he had done all the fox's work.

The Frog And Centipede
Gabrielle & Andy, 11, Texas
Moral:  Don't lie!
My fable is:

One night a frog jumped from lilly pad to lilly pad.  When he stopped he found something little on the lilly pad he was on.  It was a little long centipede.

He said, "Hi little long worm."  The centipede said, "I'm not a worm, I'm a centipede."  The frog said, "Do you know I'm a turtle that hops like a frog?"

The centipede said, "Yes, I knew that when you landed on this lilly pad."  The frog said, "You're lying.  I'm not a turtle... turtles can't jump like frogs.  I AM A FROG!"

The frog got so mad that the centipede lied to him that the frog ate the centipede.

The Shark, The Dolphin And The Fish
Ryan, 11, Texas
Moral:  Treat people the way you want to be treated.
My fable is:

A long time ago, in 1608, there was a fish, a dolphin, and a shark.   They were best friends.  One day a big group of sharks came and took the shark away.

The dolphin and fish got mad at the sharks.  The next day the shark came back and the fish and dolphin were not going to be his friend.  The shark begged and pleaded with the fish and the dolphin but they treated him the way he treated the fish and the dolphin, so they just walked away.

So the shark learned that he needed to become more thoughtful of others.

The Gorilla And The Mouse
Katheryn and Ian, 11, Texas
Moral:  Never think you're a hot-shot.
My fable is:

One afternoon a gorilla was walking down the street and saw a mouse lifting small weights inside a gym. So the gorilla walked inside and bragged to the mouse, "I can do better than that."  Then do it if you think your such a hot shot," demanded the mouse.

So the gorilla tried and he lifted it way over his head. The mouse walked over to a 9,000 pound weight and lifted it. The gorilla tried and barely lifted it up off the ground and dropped it right on his toes and broke them.

The Snail And The Bunny
Zach, 10, Idaho
Moral:  No Pain, No Gain.
My fable is:

Once their was a snail and a bunny.  The bunny always bragged about how fast he was.  One day he got very mad and challenged the bunny to a race.

The bunny excepted the challenge.  After that the snail practiced very hard while the bunny practiced easy.  When the day came the bunny was way out of shape.

The race began and the snail zoomed past the bunny and won the race.

The Big Bear
Rebecca, 10, Idaho
Moral:  Don't be greedy.
My fable is:

Once there was a bear at a fancy restaurant.  This bear was very hungry.   When the waiter came to take his order the bear said to bring him a big bowl of soup.

When the waiter came back the bear said it would not do and he should bring him a bathtub of soup.  When the bear finished he was stuck and was alone all night.

The Beaver and the Ant
Haley, 10, Idaho
Moral:  Work before you play.
My fable is:

Once upon a time there was a beaver and an ant.  On a bright sunny day the beaver was making its dam when the ant came along and said, "why are you building your house on a sunny day like this?"

The beaver said, "because I want to get done before Winter."  When Winter came the ant had no home to go into.  He tried to get into the beaver's house but he drowned.

The Two Frogs
Kacy and Sarah, 11, Texas
Moral:  Don't be a nasty frog.
My fable is:

Once there was a frog named Bruce the frog.  He looked around the pond and saw a little frog.  He thought to himself maybe if I challenge the frog to a jumping contest, I would win and make the little frog cry.

So he went over to the frog and asked him if he wanted to have a jumping contest.  The little frog named Kermit said Yes.

Right after they jumped off the lily pad, Bruce hurt his leg and said OUCH!  So then Kermit turned around and helped him.  After Kermit had helped him, Bruce felt so sorry for using the little frog just to brag because he was bigger!

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