Yu-Gi-Oh Versus Duel Masters
Jonathan, 9, Kansas
Moral: Don't get angry over games.
My fable:

Once upon a time there were two boys who thought that one game was better than the other. The things were Yu-Gi-Oh and Duel Masters. One of the boys was six years old and liked Duel Masters.  The other boy was nine and liked Yu-Gi-Oh.

One day at school they met. The boys told each other what they liked and had a competition. First they went to Wal-Mart and Yu-Gi-Oh won. Next, they went to KB Toys. Yu-Gi-Oh won again. At Dollar Store and WOW, Duel Masters won. At Target it was equal.

The six year old boy punched the nine year old boy in the eye. The nine year old boy got a black eye and the six year old boy was grounded.








































The Shark and the Piranha
CJ, 8, Kansas
Moral: Jealousy can make you mad.
My fable:

One day in the Atlantic ocean there was a shark and a piranha. The shark was trying to eat the piranha. The piranha was probably only 6 inches long and the shark was about 10 feet long.

But the shark couldn't catch the piranha because the piranha was too fast for the shark.

So the shark kept going around in circles. He was snapping so hard and fast he started losing teeth.

The Man and the Platypus Eggs
Fred, 9, Kansas
Moral: What you can't have may hurt another.
My fable:

Once by an Australian stream lived a platypus that laid golden eggs.  Nearby lived a greedy man, who was so greedy, that whenever he saw gold he just took it.

One day he went to the stream and captured the female platypus.   He saw that she laid golden eggs, so he waited for 25 golden eggs, then cut her open because he was so greedy.

He found that she was empty and she had passed away.

The Bear and the Chicken
Philip, 8, Kansas
Moral: Just because you can't get something, it doesn't mean it doesn't taste good.
My fable:

One day a hungry bear was walking by a forest when he saw a chicken up in the tallest tree.  He said to himself that he should take the grain which the chicken had.  He called up to the chicken and said,"Can I have that grain?  I'm very hungry."

"No!" said the chicken.

"But if you can get it you can have it," added the chicken.

So the bear jumped all day and the next day too, until he was finally out of energy.  Then he said to himself that those grains were probably rotten anyway.  When the bear left the chicken came out and enjoyed his seeds.

The Tornado and The House
Phillip, 9, Kansas
Moral: Many will say what is not theirs is bad.
My fable:

One day in the countryside of Brazil, there was a house on a mountain.  There was also a tornado named Billywind.  On that very day Billywind was going down the countryside when he saw the house on the mountain.  He wanted to destroy it!

Since a tornado's strongest part is at the bottom, it was kind of difficult to destroy it.  He tried everything he could think of to destroy it.

He finally gave up and said, "That house wasn't worth destroying. There are other houses that are a lot more fun to destroy."

The Humming Bird
Megan, 8, Kansas
Moral: Even though you cannot have it, that does not mean it is bad.
My fable:

One day in the rainforest a humming bird tried to eat a nut.  He did not want nectar from flowers anymore.  He was tired of it.  He wanted to eat some nuts for awhile to prove that he could eat nuts just like the macaws.

Then when the humming bird tried it in front of the macaws he poked and poked but the nut would not open.  Nuts are bad he said.

Listening With Frog and Slug
Hunter, 8, Kansas
Moral: Good listening wins the challenge.
My fable:

One day there was a creek in the woods.  Two animals were there talking.  There was a slug and a frog.

The slug said to the frog, "I can hear better than you."   The frog said, "No you can't!"

"How about we have a challenge?"  The slug agreed to the challenge.  "Okay!"

They figured out one day that they both hear the same because a man walked by and told them so.

The Boy and the Chocolate Chicken
Elizabeth, 9, Kansas
Moral:   Don't kill what you have that gives what you like.
My fable:

Once in a chicken barn in Ridgeway, Missouri there was a boy who was greedy when he saw the sight of candy.  Whenever he got any chocolate he would gobble it up until there wasn't a scrap left.

Then he spied a chicken who laid chocolate eggs.  The first day the boy noticed the chocolate eggs there were five.  The second day there were three eggs.  Then, on the third day, there were fifteen eggs.  By then the boy was so greedy that the next day he killed the chicken thinking he would get every single chocolate egg at once.

But all there was were chicken insides.  He lost all his taste for chocolate.

So I'm telling you, don't kill what you have that gives what you like!

The Grasshopper and The Turtle
Megan, 7, Kansas
Moral:  Never underestimate your opponent.
My fable:

One day a grasshopper hopped by a backyard in Kansas.  Also a butterfly flew over the backyard.  A turtle plodded into the backyard as well.

The grasshopper boasted he was the fastest in the backyard.   The butterfly said, "lets have a race."  The grasshopper hopped very fast.

He was almost done so he took a nap.  The turtle plodded past him as he was napping.  The grasshopper woke up.  The turtle crawled to the finish line.

His Wish
Alysyia T., 11, Arizona
Moral:  Be careful for what you wish for.
My fable:

Once there was a lion named Arthur who was very poor.  He lived in a small lion's village outside the big kingdom.  All his neighboring lions were very poor.  He wished to become rich.

So he quit being a lumber worker.  He went to the rich lion's kingdom to find a new job.  The rich lion liked him and hired him as a jeweler in the kingdom.  In one month he made $1,000,000.

Everyone in the village asks the rich people for money.  In three months he was poor because the poor village people asked him for money and he gave it to them.

Now he was poorer than he was before.  So Arthur quit his job and went back to being a lumber worker.  From that day on he never again wished that he was rich.

How Sabrina Got Stitches
Alysyia T., 11, Arizona
Moral:  Don't brag.
My fable:

Once there was a bunny rabbit named Sabrina.   Everyone in her family had needed stitches.  Sabrina was the only one that didn't ever need stitches.

Sabrina would brag to every other bunny rabbit in the neighboring fields.  She bragged about not having stitches.  Everyone she bragged to said, "If you keep saying that, it will happen to you."  Sabrina never believed them.

One day when Sabrina came home she hit her head on a kitchen cabinet in her bunny hutch.  They rushed her to the hospital.  Sabrina got 4 stitches.

From that day on she never bragged about anything.

Cheerleaders And Skater Chicks
Brittany Nicole, 14, Ohio
Moral:  It was good for all when the Skater Chicks helped the Cheerleaders become skaters.
My fable:

Once upon a time there were Cheerleaders who wanted to try out for skating.  So they asked the Skater Chicks for help.  The Skater Chicks said they would help them out only if they could become Cheerleaders next year.  So the Cheerleaders kept that in mind and told them, "Yes, you girls can become Cheerleaders next year."

Then next year came around and the Skater Chicks said, "Well, how about us becoming Cheerleaders?"  The Cheerleaders said, "We told you that you girls could become one of us."  And the Skater Chicks said, "Yes, you girls did."  Do you remember what you girls said last year?  The Cheerleaders said, "Yes.  We were playing.  You girls can become Cheerleaders."

Then they all became best friends and stayed at each others house's... and that's the...


The Cave Of The Scratcher
Kelsey, 10, Indiana
Moral:  Trust others, but be careful.
My fable:

There once was a Bunny who was very timid, but mostly sweet.  Bunny is as white as a cotton ball.  Bunny has two long ears and a set of whiskers.  She has a tail that looks like a cotton ball.  Squirrel is spoiled and very rebellious.   Squirrel's fur is as brown as a pile of mud.  They both live in the forest.

Squirrel likes to trick people so he thinks that he can trick Bunny into going into Lion’s cave.  So he went to Bunny’s tunnel and told her a little secret.  Squirrel told Bunny that everybody who is cool goes into Lion’s cave and gets scratched on the arm by one of Lion’s claws.

Bunny thought to herself, "He’s cuckoo! I’m not going in there."

At first Bunny didn’t believe Squirrel, but Bunny wanted to be cool so she went in.  She went in there and got all torn up by Lion.

The next day Bunny acted like nothing happened.  But before that she saw Squirrel trick Bird into going into Lion’s cave!  Why would he do that?  Bunny was very disappointed.  She couldn’t believe what she saw.

So Bunny decided to trick Squirrel and tell him that Lion didn’t live there anymore.  Squirrel believed Bunny and went in and got all scratched up.

After Squirrel came back out, Bunny asked him to not lie to her ever again --- and he hasn’t.  Now they are best friends and Squirrel will never lie to Bunny ever again.

City Trees Are Different
Eddie, 10, Indiana
Moral:  Be careful what you wish for.
My fable:

Once there was a tree boa who lived in the rainforest.  Because it’s boring all he does is eat, sleep, play around, and he doesn’t like his room.  He’s just not happy in the rainforest.  He wants to live in the city because it’s not boring --- it’s more exciting.

One day he hid on an airplane that was going to New York City.   When he got to the city he saw crowds of people.  He tried to tell them to move over so he could find a tree, but he couldn’t find one.  Finally he found one.  He went over to it and went up it and then he fell down.

A dog came around the corner and said, "Birdbrain, that is not a tree.  That’s a tree printed on paper!!"  The dog was laughing so hard he got hungry.  The dog chased him through out the city. The tree boa went into the building and the dog couldn’t find him.  That night he was playing possum because he couldn’t sleep and the city was noisy.

The next day the tree boa was spinning in the air like a helicopter.   He saw a kid holding onto him.  The kid stopped and the tree boa pushed away from him and the kid dropped him.

The tree boa went back to the plane so he could go home.   Finally, he got back home and he stayed there...  Happily.

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