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The Snake And The Monkey
Grant, 8, Alberta, Canada
The moral of my fable isDonít try to be something you are not.

My fable is:

Once upon a time a snake and a monkey were friends. The monkey and his other friends were always swinging from trees.

Then one day the snake woke up and was jealous that his friends were always swinging from trees.

That night the monkey had a party. The snake had nothing to do so he decided to try to swing from trees too. He made the first tree, but the second was far. The snake tried and tried to do it but the snake didnít make it.

After the party the monkey saw the snake and said, "Why are you trying to be like me? We like the way you are."

The Two Reptile Friends
Ben, 8, Alberta, Canada
The moral of my fable isDo not bite the hand that feeds you.

My fable is:

Once upon a time there was an alligator. The alligator was in a lake. He was playing by himself.

Suddenly a snake came out of the bushes. The alligator gave him something to eat. Then the tricky snake was going to eat the alligator but he decided he couldnít.

He decided to make friends with the nice alligator. Maybe in the future they could work together to find food.

The Wolf And The Hare
Marcus, 8, Alberta, Canada
The moral of my fable isEvil wishes towards others will come back to you.

My fable is:

One day a viscous wolf was hunting just to kill something. A hunter was also out hunting for some food for his wife and children.

The wolf suddenly stopped... his eyes popped out of his head.

Right in front of him stood a nice, tender, juicy, rabbit in the middle of the woods. The wolf started running toward the rabbit. Before the rabbit had a chance to run away, the wolf jumped on him and ate him.

After the wolf finished eating the rabbit, the hunter came out from behind a tree and shot the wolf. Then the hunter took the wolf back to his wife and children and cooked the wolf and ate him for supper.

The Fast And Furious
Luke, 9, Alberta, Canada
The moral of my fable isDonít try to be someone you are not.

My fable is:

One morning the squirrel and the turtle were fighting about the turtle using too much of the squirrel's water because the squirrel had to pay the water bill.

They fought day after day about everything.

So one day they decided to have a race to decide who was the best. Get ready, get set, go!!! They both got off to a good start. They both had to go across a wooden bridge. The squirrel crossed the bridge first.

Suddenly the rope broke and the turtle fell under the bridge and found a short cut.

He had to cross the river which had sharks in it. Snakes were his worst enemy.

He found a boat to cross the dangerous river. Ten minutes later he was across so he was very close to the finish line.

He thought he was winning, but suddenly the squirrel and the snake ran into each other. They both rolled to the finish line but the squirrel won.

Do Your Homework Dexter!
Sabrina, 8, Alberta, Canada
The moral of my fable isSlow and steady wins the race.

My fable is:

One day Spike, the porcupine, Waddles, the penguin, and Dexter, the monkey had too read a three chapter book for homework. The first day, Spike and Waddles went home and read the first chapter, but Dexter went to play instead. "I have lots of time to read my book", he said.

The second day, Spike and Waddles went home to read chapter two, but Dexter played again. "I still have lots of time to read my book", he said.

The third day, Spike and Waddles went home to read chapter three and Dexter went home to start his book.

Dexter rushed through his book and had a hard time remembering and understanding it.

On the fourth day, Dexter got zero, and Spike and Waddles got 100%!

The Friendless Cat
Caitlin, 8, Alberta, Canada
The moral of my fable isAppearances often are deceiving.

My fable is:

Once there was a cat named Mindy who wanted a friend. One day she walked into the jungle to find another cat.

She found an elephant named Apricot! Apricot offered Mindy some tea.

After a cup of tea, Mindy went along her way. Soon she met a tiger named July! "Hereís another cat", she thought.

The tiger tried to eat her!

Soon, Apricot came back. She wasnít a cat but she was a perfect friend for Mindy!

The Frog And The Weasel
Cole, 8, Alberta, Canada
The moral of my fable isDonít try to be something you are not.

My fable is:

One day a frog invited his friend the weasel to come on an adventure. The weasel went along. They went on an adventure into the swamp.

They saw a green slithering snake. The silly, playful frog pretended to be a snake. The weasel asked the frog, "What are you doing?" The frog didnít answer him.

The snake saw the frog making fun of him. The snake hissed and got ready to attack the frog.

Just then, a huge barn owl flew over them. Barn owls like to eat snakes. The barn owl swooped down and grabbed the frog acting like the snake because he was so busy being silly acting like a snake.

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