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Don't Miss Out
 Kennedy, 9, Ohio
The moral of my fable isDo not be a class clown!
My fable is:

There once was a girl name Kennedy. Kennedy was in the third grade. She was a class clown. She played jokes on other students. She mocked them and disrupted the class.

The teacher insisted that Kennedy do her work. The teacher told the class to settle down because she had special treat. Kennedy mocked the teacher and she got caught. The teacher sent Kennedy to the principal's office and when she returned everyone was gone !

The teacher had taken the whole class on a field trip. Due to Kennedy's behavior, she did not get to attend the field trip and she had to spend the rest of the day in a Kindergarten room.

The Crow And The Fox
Braxton, 11, Sri Lanka
The moral of my fable is:  Don't trust just anyone.
My fable is:

One day a crow got a piece of cheese and flew up to a tree. Then a fox came along. The fox said to the crow, "How nice you look."

But actually the crow was very ugly.

Then the fox said to the crow, "I know you can sing well."

The trusting crow then tried to show off by singing. But when he opened his mouth to sing the cheese fell.

Then the fox took the cheese and ran away.

The Dog And The Wolf
Samantha, 8, Texas
The moral of my fable isCourage is everything.
My fable is:

Once there was a dog who was very unhappy with his king the wolf. The wolf was very selfish.

So one day the dog went to the wolf's castle and asked the wolf if he would like to see who would make a better king. The wolf, knowing he would win, agreed to the challenge.

The next day everyone in the kingdom came to see the challenge. The wolf won only one of the challenges because he did not have courage like dog.

So, because of the dog's courage, he became the new king.

The Fox And The Lion
Elijah, 9, Texas
The moral of my fable isLying doesn't get you anywhere.
My fable is:

One day a fox saw a lion with meat. He was so hungry that he wanted some of lion's meat.

So he made up a story. The fox said, "You stole my meat!" The lion said, "No I didn't."

The fox got so angry he stormed away. The lion thought to himself, "I would have shared with him if he had not lied to me."

The Dog And The Duck
Zoe, 8, Texas
The moral of my fable isThose who share feel better than selfish people.
My fable is:

One day Dog and Duck were playing separately when Duck asked, "Can I play with you?." Dog said, "No! I'd rather not share."

So the next day Dog came over and played at Duck's house. When Dog asked if he could play what Duck was playing, he said, "Yes!." Duck felt proud that he had shared with Dog.

The Lion And The Frog
Alexa, 8, Texas
The moral of my fable isDo good things and good things will happen to you. Do bad things and bad things will happen to you.
My fable is:

One day a lion gracefully skipped around the pond.

Suddenly he heard a sound. It was a frog that jumped out of the pond and soaked the lion. The frog ignored the lion and turned and ran home.

The next day the frog went to catch flies. He stepped in the grass and was caught in a cage. Soon the lion came and he didn't notice the frog. That taught the frog a valuable lesson.

The Friend's Surprise
Brea, 9, Texas
The moral of my fable isBeing mean to others is not the right thing to do.
My fable is:

One story day at school there were three greedy friends: Cow, Pig, and Duck. One day a new student came in. Her name was Horse.

Horse was kind and nice, but she was also lonely. Some days later Horse was trotting on the playground when she bumped into Cow, Pig, and Duck. "Go away!" yelled Duck. He acted so greedy and mean!

Horse ran away as fast as she could with tears racing down her face. Horse promised she would never go near them again. But at lunch Cow, Duck, and Pig were behind Horse in line. Horse, with all her courage, said hi to them. A couple of minutes later they were talking and became good friends.

Horse's persistence and kindness changed Cow, Duck, and Pig into nicer animals.

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