A Note To All Fable Writers

smiley_waving    Learn to take pride in what you write — and in all that you do.    smiley_waving

Kids, as you read kids’ fables, you probably realize that all of them are correctly written. That is because each author properly used commas, spaces, and paragraphs. And that is why those fables have been published on KidsFables.
Please do not expect your fable to be published if you do not care enough about your writing quality to use upper case letters when appropriate. You should use the enter/return key to separate portions of your fable into logical sections. Those sections are called paragraphs.
It is important that you learn when to end a paragraph and start a new one. Ask your teachers to teach you this important skill.
Apparently many teachers do not understand the importance of this skill. Kids, you can learn and teach your teachers.
The proper use of paragraphs will make your fable more interesting and more easily understood by kids around the world.

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