Award Winners

gold-star-animated   gold-star-animated   gold-star-animated Awards For The Best Original Fables

Our editors select award winning fables. Award winners are listed below.
More winners will be listed when, or if, more winning fables are submitted.
Any student may win & be listed on this page.
Kids, be thoughtful about your writing experiences. Work slowly and carefully to write a fable that you can be proud to have kids reading around the world.
The best fables tell an interesting story with a meaningful moral.


There were no winners this year. Maybe our standards are too high for our times. Let us all hope that that is not the case.


Angelina, 10, Louisiana, “The Mouse And The Cheese”


Tricia, 11, California for the fable, “The Deer Who Didn’t Listen”


Callie, 8, Pennsylvania for the fable, “The Dog And The Lake”
Nathan, 8, Pennsylvania for the fable, “The Complaining Penguin”


Nana, 11, London, for the fable, “The Snake And The Man”
Michy, 13, Minnesota, for the fable, “Bitterness”
Emma, 8, Mexico, New York, for her fable, “Dragon And Lion Face Their Fears”
Hannah, 7, Pennsylvania, for her fable, “The Lion And The Mouse”


Alana, 10, USA, for her fable, “Rabbit’s New Bike”
Daniela, 12, Mexico, for her fable, “Three Birds And A Snake”
Marco M., 12, Mexico, for his fable, “The Turtle That Wanted Everything”
Italy, 10, Israel, for his fable entitled, “We Love Earth”


Alexandria, 13, Pennsylvania, for her fable, “Engulfed In Pride”
Caitlin, 8, Alberta, Canada, for her fable, “The Friendless Cat”
Chloe, 10, Bedfordshire, England, for her fable, “The Penguin And The White Wolf”


Ivene Dhyl, 11, Philippines, for her fable, “The Encouragement”


Josephine, 11, South Carolina, for her fable, “The Two Dogs And One Cat”
Kelly, 10, South Carolina, for her fable, “The Cat And The Donkey”


There was no winner this year.


Michael, 10, New Jersey, for his fable, “The Cow And The Turkey”
Daria, 12, Texas, for her fable, “The Rabbit And The Owl”
Suzy, 13, Italy, for her fable, “The Caterpillar And The Fox”
CJ, 8, Kansas, for his fable, “The Shark and the Piranha”


Faith, 9, in Ohio, for her fable, “The Selfish Tree”


Courtney, 11, in Florida, for her fable, “The Squirrels And The Monkey”
Eddie, 10, in Indiana, for his fable, “City Trees Are Different”
Jennifer, 12, in Georgia, for her fable, “The Frog and Pig”

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