Fables — Page 155

The Lion And The Donkey
Trenton, 10, Montana

The moral of my fable is:  Choose a friend wisely.
My fable is:
Once upon a time a Donkey had no friends so he went off to find one.
Then he saw a lion and asked, “Can you be my friend?”
The lion started yelling at the donkey. Then the lion scratched the donkey on the belly and then the donkey ran away.
The Donkey got a person to stitch up his stomach so it would stop bleeding.
Then, over the years, the lion died of old age. But the donkey lived happily ever after. He found many nice friends over those same years.

The Dog And The Cat
Alaina, 8, Pennsylvania

The moral of my fable is:  Do not get in a fight.
My fable is:
Hey, what’s your name?” said dog. “My name is Cat.”
“Do you want to be friends?” said cat.
They walked away from each other because they had to go home to eat.
Another day they met each other at the playground. They got in a very big fight because they both wanted the colorful swing.
They both went home. They were not friends again.

The Monkey And The Chihuahua
Noelle, 8, Pennsylvania

The moral of my fable is:  Always clean up your mess.
My fable is:
One day I saw a monkey in the jungle. He was eating banana. He looked really funny.
Then the monkey asked the Chihuahua, “Do you like chew toys?” “Why yes, I do like chew toys,” said the Chihuahua.
“Here you go then,” said the monkey. “Here are some chew toys.”
Then the Chihuahua made a mess. “Why did you make a mess?” asked the monkey.
“I did not,” said the Chihuahua. The monkey said, “Now I need to clean them up for you. Thanks a lot.”

The Snake And The Coyote
Greg, 8, Pennsylvania

The moral of my fable is:  People that care for your words will do foolish things.
My fable is:
Once upon a time there was a snake and a coyote.
The coyote had some food that he stole. The snake slithered by and saw the food. He wanted it.
The snake thought of something he would do.
The snake said, “Why, I heard you have a great voice.”
The coyote opened his mouth. The snake gobbled up the food.

My Best Friend
Hollow, 9, Thailand

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t be greedy.
My fable is:
Once upon a time there was a rabbit who lived with a pig.
One day the pig looked for the food. But a tiger had taken it.
The rabbit then tricked the tiger into looking down the hill where there was an elephant.
The tiger was greedy and tried to eat that elephant. The tiger was so greedy that when he went near the elephant, the elephant ate him.

The Lion And The Ant
Theerat, 10, Thailand

The moral of my fable is:  We should help others and others will help us.
My fable is:
Once upon a time there were two friends, one an ant and one a lion. They were best friends.
One day the lion was sleeping in the forest when a hunter came by and captured the lion. The hunter said, “I will eat you for lunch!”
The lion panicked. The ant heard the lion and came to rescue his best friend. Ant ran around and finally found the lion. He bit the the hunter’s leg and made him drop the lion’s net. The lion was free.
Then the lion scared off the hunter.
The lion thanked the ant and said, “I will never let anything bad happen to you ant.”
Then another day some time later, the ant fell into a river. The lion came to help and said, “Ant are you OK?” The ant thanked the lion and thy lived happily ever after.

The Treasure In The Field
Vorabadin, 9, Bangkok

The moral of my fable is:  Nothing can be gained without effort.
My fable is:
There was a farmer who had three sons. All of his sons were very lazy. Not one helped his father to work in the field. Not one cared to do any work. They only ate and slept.
The farmer was very sad that his sons were so lazy.
One day farmer became very ill. He called his three sons to tell them something. The three boys went to the field and dug in the ground. They dug all day trying to find the treasure, but did not find anything.
The next day they went to the field again and dug all around the ground some more. But they did not find any treasure.
The boys dug in the field for many days. They did not find any treasure.
Finally, the eldest son said, “Let’s stop digging. We should grow corn in our field.”
So they bought corn seeds and sowed them in the land that they had been digging. Three months later, the plants bore corn.
When the corn was ripe, the whole field became bright yellow. “This is the treasure that father gave us,” they said happily. They finally understood the treasure that their father had left to them.

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