Fables — Page 156

My Bad Friend
Chokeboriboon, 8, Bangkok, Thailand

The moral of my fable is:  Chose good friends carefully.
My fable is:
A dog went to deep into a jungle. It saw a snake and asked, “Do you have no friends?”
The snake answered, “Yes, I have no friends.” The dog asked, “Will you be my friend?”
The Dog finished his sentence.
They were friends over the next 18 days.
One day they were playing together. The dog unintended to hurt snake. But snake became angry and bite the dog. The dos was killed by his bad friend.

The Thirsty Cat And The Tortoise
Chanarj, 9, Thailand

The moral of my fable is:  We need to help each other.
My fable is:
Once upon a time, on a farm there was a thirsty cat and a tortoise. The thirsty cat was going to die.
The tortoise knew that the cat was going to die. He said, “Go to the pond! But first follow me to the pond.”
The tortoise found the pond and he told the cat that, “I found the pound.” So he told the cat to come and look.
The cat ran as fast as he could to the pond to get water to drink.
Then, after they had enough water, they were good friends forever after.

The Ostrich And The Fox
Kanuth, 9, Bangkok, Thailand

The moral of my fable is:  Be glad and satisfied with what we have.
My fable is:
Once upon a time in the little pond in a green forest, there lived an Ostrich that thought its neck and legs were too long. Ostrich felt silly because it had very long legs and a long neck. It thought that it looked silly.
There was also a tricky fox.
Fox saw ostrich and wanted to eat it. Fox thought, “Today I need to eat this ostrich.” Fox said, “If you do not like your long legs and long neck, I will cut them for you.”
Ostrich was clever enough to know not to trust Fox, and it ran away. So, it was kept alive by its long legs.

The Duck And Fox
Punnawat, 10, Thailand

The moral of my fable is:  Speak to people properly.
My fable is:
One day at animals’ school, the duck wanted everyone to be quiet because it was too loud. The duck said, ”Don’t talk forever!.”
The fox heard what the duck said. Then the fox told everyone that they should not talk to the duck.
Then everyone stopped talking to the duck.
If the duck had asked properly, everyone would still talk to the duck. And the duck would have more likely made everything quiet.

The Lion And The Eagle
Pubate, 9, Nakornprathom

The moral of my fable is:  Try before you trust.
My fable is:
An eagle flying in the sky asked a Lion to make friend with him. He said it would be to both their benefits.
The Lion answered, “I have no problem with that, but I need you to give me something so I can trust your words. Because how can I trust anyone as a friend who is able to fly away from his bargain whenever he wants?”

Fox And Sheep
Atas, 9, Bangkok

The moral of my fable is:  We need to find ways to survive.
My fable is:
Once upon a time in a big forest there lived a bad fox and a clever sheep. The fox was hungry and he didn’t have anything to eat.
Then he walked and found a sheep beside the river. The sheep didn’t want fox to eat him so the sheep said, “There are lots of sheep on that mountain.”
The fox trusted him. When the fox went to the mountain, he couldn’t find any sheep.
The fox thought to himself, “That sheep will not trick me again. I’m going to eat that cunning sheep!”
When the fox came back he couldn’t find the sheep.
He was so angry that he trusted the clever sheep.The fox was hungry back home. He said, “That sheep is clever. He found a way to stay alive.

The Seagull And The Eagle
Arkorn, 9, Thailand

The moral of my fable is:  Everyone should care about their own things.
My fable is:
One day the seagull was very, very, very hungry. The seagull saw a big fish in the sea in the eagle’s area.
The seagull wanted to eat the big fish, but it was very heavy.
Then an Eagle saw what the seagull was trying to do.
Seagull might die because the weight was too much and would prevent the seagull from flying away.
Eagle did not do anything even though seagull ate fish in Eagle’s area. The seagull is not bird that hunts in the sea. Seagulls are bird that hunt in the sky.
Then the eagle ate the seagull.

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