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Zebra And Giraffe
Charlotte, 13, England

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t judge people by their looks.
My fable is:
Zebra was strutting around the Savannah boasting about his beautiful stripes to every animal he could when he bumped into giraffe.
“I would hate to look like you,” remarked Zebra. “You are covered in spots and not a stripe in sight.”
Angered by this, Giraffe countered, “Well, I still have more friends than you!”
Unsure what to say, Zebra stormed off.
Later that day Giraffe heard a shriek of alarm coming from the river. As giraffe dashed over he could see that zebra had fallen in. Despite the earlier remarks, Giraffe leaned over and pulled him out.
After zebra caught his breath he thanked giraffe. “You are the kindest animal I know and I judged you by your looks. I am truly sorry.”
And from that day on they were best friends.

The Bear & The Rabbit
Cameron, 11, Ohio

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t eat others or you might get eaten.
My fable is:
One day a rabbit was roaming around the forest until a bear came along and said, “I am going to eat you.”
The rabbit ran until the dinosaur came by. The dinosaur asked the bear, “Do you want to be eaten?”
If not, then you should leave the little one alone.
The bear said, “OK. I won’t eat any thing but berries.”

The Jaguar
Marissa, 10, New Zealand

The moral of my fable is:  Pay attention to where you step.
My fable is:
One day, Jaguar was roaming in the city. He passed by a candy shop which caught his attention.
“Ooohh! Candy!!,” squealed Jaguar.
Jaguar quickly ran home to get some money to buy candy. While he was running, he was dreaming about delicious creamy chocolate. He was so busy dreaming, he didn’t see the sewer hole ahead of him.
He fell inside the hole and splashed into the sewer. “Drat! Now I can’t buy any candy!” pouted Jaguar.

Bullying In The Arctic
Melody Kim, 9, California

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t bully anyone. EVER!
My fable is:
There once was a weak polar bear named Olaf. All the other polar bears would tease him when he tried to exercise or do something.
One day he made a plan to make them be nice to him.
He challenged him to a basketball game. HE WON!
Then they were being really nice to him — too nice.
Two months later, they gave him a black apple. OH NO! What will happen next?

Friends Forever (For Now)
Kimmy, 9, Taiwan

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t choose to hang out with popular girls over your best friend! IF YOU DID, I CANNOT BELIEVE WHO YOU CHOSE TO BE!
My fable is:
Hi, my name is Gina Gaines, but you can call me G.G. I am going to tell you a fable of my friend Jenna Jackson (J.J.) and I.
It all started when I was walking to school in my new home-made glass slippers (high-heels). When I got there, everyone started snickering about me. I looked at my gorgeous slippers. Nothing was wrong with them.
I saw my rival, J.J. She had paid everyone to snicker at me and make me feel bad. I ran home crying. J.J. had chose to hang out with the divas over being my friend, and we have been best friends since we were born!!! Seriously! Nobody knew except J.J. and I knew about this secret.
The next day I came to school extra early, and told everyone our little secret. Now everyone was snickering about J.J., even the divas!
Oh no! J.J. had brought me a gift to apologize for her mistake. The divas came marching to us. They told J.J. to come with them. But she chose me over them (shocked).
She gave me the gift and apologized, and I did too.
From that day on, we were more popular than anyone else, even the divas. But we didn’t care.
All we cared about was our friendship; and no one was going to keep us from being friends, not even our parents.

The Dolphin And The Dog
The Manatees, 4/5, Florida

The moral of my fable is:  Always tell the truth.
My fable is:
Fido was walking along the edge of the bay. When he looked into the water he saw a dolphin named Crystal.
Crystal the dolphin asked Fido if he would like to race. “Are you a fast swimmer?” asked Fido.
“No, Fido. I am a very slow swimmer.”
So Fido replied, “Yes, I will race you.”
As soon as Fido jumped into the bay, Crystal swam away leaving Fido behind.

The Frogs And Elephants
Cindy, 4/5, Florida

The moral of my fable is:  Try to be kind to everyone.
My fable is:
There once was a family of frogs who lived in a pond. A family of elephants came to swim in the pond.
The elephants were splashing water at the frogs. In return the frogs hit the elephants on the trunks.
The frogs said, “Oh, please stop throwing water at us and we will stop hitting your trunks.”
The daddy frog said, “Let’s play together in the pond.”
The elephants thought it was a good idea. And then they played happily together.

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