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Lucy & James
Alisha, 9, Indiana

The moral of my fable is: Friendship makes life more enjoyable.
My fable is:
Once upon a time, there was a cat and a dog. They met on a road. Then the cat need help sharpening her claws.
The dog said, “I can help.” But the cat said, “No!” The dog said, “Please, can I help? Can I sharpen your nails?”
The cat kept saying no to the dog, so the dog kept bugging the cat.
The dog and the cat were still arguing. The cat was still saying no and the dog was still saying, “May I help you sharpen your claws?”
The cat and the dog were not friends because the cat didn’t want help. The dog wanted to help the cat. But the cat did not like the dog. The dog was nice to the cat, but the cat was not nice to the dog!
Later, the dog said, “Can I be your friend?” And finally the cat said, “YES!”.
The dog and cat became best friends and they lived happily ever after.

The Pony And The Talking Flower
Olivia, 11, Arizona

The moral of my fable is:  Think about what you are going say before you say anything.
My fable is:
Once upon a time there was a pony named Ghost trotting along the grassy meadow. She heard someone talk and turned around to see, but all she saw was a flower.
She said, “Hello? Who’s there?”
The flower said, “Look down here.” Ghost looked down and said, “Hi, I am Ghost, What is your name?” “I am Gage, What’s it to you?” said the flower in a mean tone.”
“Well. Why are you being mean?” asked Ghost in the nicest way possible.
“I don’t know. I am really sorry Ghost. Do you forgive me?”
“Yes, I do forgive you Gage.”
“Thanks. Do you want to go out for ice cream?” said Gage.
“Sure,” said Ghost.
Then they both went to the ice cream shop and had a great time.

The Bully Bull
Rishabh, 8, Karnataka, India

The moral of my fable is:  Never trouble anyone.
My fable is:
Once upon a time there lived a bull who always troubled everyone.
One day he was fighting with another bull. He got so angry that he hit the other bull on it’s face.
The other one did the same thing to him.
Then he realized his mistake and never troubled anyone again.

The Great White Shark & The Bull Shark
Abdullah, 9, U.A.E.

The moral of my fable is:  Never ever say you are the best.
My fable is:
Once there was a big great white shark whose name was Joey. He use to challenge everyone in the school park or anywhere.
One day there came along a bull shark. Joey challenged him. He said, “Who ever is the fastest is the boss.” But the bull shark said, “I don’t want to be a boss.” Joey said OK.
They had a very big race and everyone watched them as they raced all the way. The bull shark won and everyone cheered a lot.

Sarah & The Big Test
Nour, 9, UAE, Abu Dhabi

The moral of my fable is:  Study everything before you play.
My fable is:
Once upon a time there was a girl named Sarah who had a big test the next day. She was so lazy and she was playing with her dog pochi.
Her mother said, “Are you sure that you know the test material?” “Yes, mom. I know it.”
And she played and played and played until it was time for the big test. She had lots of minutes.
But the next day came and with it came the big test. Sarah got a bad mark.

The Kind Cat
Elyaziah, 9, U.A.E, Abu Dhabi

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t be bad or bad things will happen to you.
My fable is:
One day there was a cat named Lucy. She was very kind. She used to get lots of treats.
Then three bad dogs named Spike, Lala, and Ruff were very jealous so they decided to hurt Lucy. The next day when Lucy was eating her treats, the dogs tried to hurt her.
Spike’s owner saw what happened and told Lala and Ruffs owners. The jealous dogs were very mad. So they sent the three dogs to the pound.

The Cat & Bird
Habiba Tariq Agina, 9, UAE / Egypt

The moral of my fable is:  The size does not matter.
My fable is:
Once upon a time lived a cat and bird. The cat was starving, so when she spotted the bird in the nest, she started climbing the tree.
Then the bird saw the cat and told her, “If she leaves the birds, she will help the cat get down.”
The cat said, “OK, but how will a little bird help?”
Then the cat suddenly fell. The bird flew and grabbed the cat and escorted it to safety. The cat thanked the bird.

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