Fables — Page 164

The Tiger & The Lion
Roberto, 9, Wisconsin

The moral of my fable is:  Hard work pays off.
My fable is:
There once were a lion and a tiger. They had no money.
The lion found a job chopping wood. He worked very, very, very hard.
The tiger sat at their house watching TV.
When the lion was done at work, he went to their house. The tiger asked for money. The lion said no.
The lion said, “Hard work pays off, but only for those who actually work hard.”

The Lion & The Mouse
James Andrew George, 8, Canada

The moral of my fable is:  Friends can do amazing things together.
My fable is:
One day a lion and mouse were eating. Then the lion got his paw trapped in a glass jar. The mouse used his claws and broke open the glass.
Later they played golf and the mouse won. They shook paws. They ate some McDonald’s and played video games.
They watched Wolverine because they loved Wolverine with its action scenes.
The next day they went shopping and bought eggs, bacon, juice, and ice cream.
The next week, they went on a very long vacation to Darien Lake. They rode an enormous roller coaster. They made a big camp fire at their log cabin. Then they went to the beach they collected sea shells, built a sandcastle, played beach volley ball, and went swimming and surfing. They had fun.

The Goose & The Peacock
James Andrew George, 8, Canada

The moral of my fable is:  Never lie.
My fable is:
One dark and cold day there was a peacock in a nice warm house. There was also a very jealous goose who did not have a home as nice as the peacock’s house.
One day the peacock went out for groceries. About then the goose went into the peacock’s house.
When the peacock came back, the goose lied, saying that he was not really in the peacock’s house. In fact, the goose said that he was a hologram.
Then, since the goose claimed to be hologram, the peacock punched him when he claimed that he was not really in the peacock’s house.
Because the goose was not a hologram, he went to jail for trespassing on the peacock’s property.

The Lion And The Bug
Simone, 8, Florida

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t trick people.
My fable is:
One day a lion told all of the animals to behave themselves. Later a bug came walking along. He was so tiny the lion could’t see him.
So the lion looked around real closely to try to find the bug.
When the lion got close to the bug, he reached up and grabbed the lion’s crown. The lion got angry at him for taking his crown.
The bug learned that if he wants to be friends and not anger others, he should not trick them into doing things.

Macho and Mickey
Sydney 16, Ohio

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t judge a book by its cover.
My fable is:
It was a cloudy night in Animal Park. Mickey, a huge black gorilla, was eating bananas.
Macho, a black hare, was playing on the swing.
Macho said, “Mickey is weak because he cries a lot.” Macho was making fun of Mickey because he was crying.
Later, Macho was still making fun of Mickey.
Then, Mickey saw a boulder that had been thrown was about to hit Macho. Mickey ran over and caught the boulder and saved Macho.
Macho apologized for calling Mickey “weak.”

The Stingray And The Aardvark
Daniel, 9, Stockport, UK

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t boast that you can do something when you can’t.
My fable is:
Long ago in the corral, calm Indian ocean, on the beautiful, compact Andman Island, lived the notorious Aardvark. The boastful, but dull, Stingray and ordinary, but helpful, Chinkara.
“Hello, Aardvark. I can breath on land for hours!” boasted Stingray.
“Then do it!” cackled Aardvark.
So Stingray, being as dumb as a peacock, was also being as brave as a lion and then flapped out of the water. “Help, help,” cried Stingray.
Chinkara heard it on the other side of the island so he galloped over to him. “Thank you for saving my life,” Stingray said to Chinkara.
The Lion And The Lizard
Natalie, 8, North Carolina
The moral of my fable is:  Never steal.
My fable is:
Once there was a lizard who admired the great lion king. He was jealous of the lion’s gold, jewels, and most of all, his control over all the animals of the jungle.
One day, the lion went on a vacation to the mountains. The lizard snuck into the lion’s elegant den. He tried to steal the lion’s most valuable ruby.
But the guards found him and he went to prison. He never stole again.

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