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The Gorilla And The Hyena
Ryan, 9, Arizona

The moral of my fable is:  Do today’s work today. Don’t wait until later.
My Fable:
In 1964 a gorilla and a hyena lived in the rain forest near the equator. The gorilla was lazy, wretched, and watched TV all the time. His neighbor, the hyena was loving, giving, and sharing.
In the summer the pompous gorilla gathered food only for that day. The hyena would go out in the summer to get food for his family and he also gathered extra food for the winter. He worked more in today so that he and his family could relax and they would not have to work for food in the winter.
Winter came and the gorilla was hungry. What did he do? Well, he went outside and was cold and he could not find food. The gorilla went to the hyena’s house and asked the hyena for food. The hyena said, “No, you should have worked in the summer and gathered food for the winter. If you worked harder in the summer you would not be hungry right now. You will just have to wait for spring and if we have leftovers, I will give them to you. Then you will have some for the winter next year.”
From then on the gorilla stored food for the winter every single year.

The Wolf And The Goat
Marisa, 7, Arizona

The moral of my fable is:  Never trust evil.
My Fable:
Five centuries ago in California there lived a mean, hateful, ugly wolf and a tenderhearted, loving, and caring goat.
One day a wolf named Pete walked by a well.  Then he fell in and there was a loud THUMP! “Owwwwwwwwww,” said the wolf.  Soon he stood up and said, “HELP, PLEASE, SOMEONE.”
The wolf’s cry intruded on the goat’s mealtime and he ran from the orchard to see the source of the disturbance.  “Do you need help?,” asked the goat.
“YES,” said the wolf.  “Why don’t you bend down your long neck,” said the wolf.
When he bent his neck down, the goat slipped.  Now the goat was in the well.
“Will you get me out of the well?” “Nope,” said the wolf.  “You will have to disappear into thin air.”
Later that day a man walked by the well.  The man happened to be the owner of the goat and he threw down his net and saved him.

The Giraffe And The Zebra
Chloe, 8, Rainham, England

The moral of my fable is:  watch were your going and be friendly to others.
My Fable:
One day, giraffe was eating some leaves from the trees. Suddenly, a crowd of zebras went rushing past, but one of them wasn’t watching where he was going and bashed into giraffe. SMACK! Zebra said sorry and continued on in a flash.
Later on that day, giraffe heard a noise he saw zebra. “What is the matter,” giraffe asked. “I have lost my family,” zebra answered sadly.
Giraffe looked up high above the trees and saw some zebras looking for something. Then he realized that it had it be zebra that they are looking for.
Giraffe took him through the trees. When his family saw him, they raced to see him. They went back home together and lived happily ever after.

Never Give Up
Wan Xuan, 11 Singapore

The moral of my fable is:  Never be lazy.
My Fable:
Once, there lived a very lazy elf. He would give up immediately once anything that he was doing seemed too hard.
Many of his friends didn’t like him because he was as lazy as a pig. He would never share or give to his friends.
One day, a wicked witch came to the village and caught several little elves. But her favorite elf was this lazy elf. She wanted to keep this lazy elf.
The other elfs used teamwork to find a way to escapes from the witch. Their plan worked and they took the lazy elf with them when they all escaped.
When they all returned to their village, the lazy elf realized that hard work and cooperating can be rewarding. He never, ever dared to be lazy again.
And was much more cooperative with the other elves.

The Fly Who Wanted A Friend
Orion, 10, Australia

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t judge other living beings simply and only by their appearance.
My Fable:
In the lake near by Mount Everest, buzzed a fly who loves to fly. He was lonely and wanted to find a friend to play with. All the other flies didn’t like him because he was the noisiest one in the group.
First, he bumped into a pigeon. He was a nice pigeon, a honest bird. “Do you wanna be my friend?” asked the fly. “You are a nice fly, but you are not my type. I am sorry,” replied the pigeon. So the fly flew away.
Second, he bumped into a frog. He wasn’t a honest nor a nice frog, and tried to EAT him! “Do you wanna be my friend?” asked the fly. “Hee hee, hee, hee, you look like a tasty fly. I WANNA EAT YOU!!.” exclaimed the frog. So the fly flew away.
Thirdly, he bumped into a fish. He was a highly tempered fish with no expression. “Do you wanna be my friend?” Asked the fly. “Sorry man, I’m a loner,” replied the fish in a rude way. So he flew away.
Lastly, he bumped into another fly that he never met before. This fly wasn’t a male. IT WAS A FEMALE!!! “Do you wanna be my friend?” “You don’t have a friend? I don’t have one either.” “OK!!,” she replied.
So Mr. and Miss fly became friends and lived a happy life together.

The Cow & The Tiger
Angelina, 9, Louisiana

The moral of my fable is:  Just because someone’s different, it doesn’t mean he cannot become your friend.
My Fable:
There once was a tiger. His mom asked him to look for food. When he did he saw something perfectly splendid. It was a young cow.
He snuck up about to jump. But she took off like a race car. They ran at the same speed. Then, after a while spending time racing and resting, they became close friends.
Their parents came looking for them. They saw that they had raced of together and became close friends.

The Dolphin And The Shark
Hannah, 8, Georgia

The moral of my fable is:  When there is danger around smaller differences are best forgotten.
My Fable:
Once there was a shark swimming in the ocean when, over there, the shark saw a fish. But it was a special fish. It was going to be his supper because there were no other fish the shark could find.
Suddenly the shark saw a angry dolphin who really wanted that fish. Then the shark saw a killer whale. When the shark saw the killer whale he got an idea. The shark said to the dolphin, “We will fight for the fish and whoever loses will be the killer whale’s supper.”
Suddenly the dolphin shouted, “You are nothing compared to me.” The shark started to laugh so hard he could hardly breath. The shark laughed again and said to the dolphin, “You are a small crab to me. I can defeat you with my eyes closed.”
When the fight was about to start the the dolphin had a great idea. “Instead of fighting, we could share the fish because it is foolish for us to fight about a fish and have both of us suffer and die because of the killer whale. Instead of us being killed, we can live and become friends.”
“You are right,” said the shark. From that day forward they were friends and never fought again.

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