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Mr. Fox Learns A Lesson
Zainab, 9, Dubai

The moral of my fable is:  Be happy with what you have.
My Fable:
One day in the garden there lived a family of birds. There also lived a jealous old fox. Mr. Fox always spied on the birds when the bird family flew around the forest.
Mr. Fox was jealous that the birds could fly. Mr. Fox tried everything he could to fly but nothing worked. Mr. Fox tried for days and nights to fly, but with the same results, he couldn’t fly.
After a few days passed, Mr. Fox gave up trying to fly he thought it was useless trying to fly. He realized that it’s better enjoying his own life and walking everywhere instead. Who needs wings!

The Artistic Bunny
Khawla, 10, Dubai

The moral of my fable is:  Never be who you’re are not.
My Fable:
One day there was an artist bunny, he loved art but he thought it would be better if he had another job. After a few days, artist bunny walked around town looking for a job.
He walked to the nearest school to get a job he got a job. But he was fired because he’s not good at being a teacher.
So he walked to find another job where scientists worked. But he was fired again because he wasn’t good at it!
He tried one more thing. He tried to go to a shop and sell clothes. He also got fired from that store.
Because he didn’t have any choices remaining, he walked back home and was very worried that he didn’t have a job.
But the next day, he realized something. He knew that he has one amazing job which he was great at: Creating great pieces of art. So the bunny carried on making beautiful creations!

The Mouse And The Cheese
Angelina, 10, Louisiana
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The moral of my fable is:  Be happy with what you have.
My Fable:
There once was a mouse who was very rich. He had a very nice house with a lot of really great food.
The only thing was that the mouse never shared his good food or anything. But also, he always wanted more of everything.
He owned an office building. He never paid his workers what they were worth. Most of his workers quit and got better jobs.
One day business turned bad. The mouse lost everything. He didn’t even have one piece of cheese left.
But worst of all, he had no friends.

The Book & The Candle
Angelina, 10, Louisiana

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t be what you aren’t.
My Fable:
There once were a book and a candle. The book and the candle both shared an important job. The book was jealous of the candle though.
The book thought the he was better and was the only reason they had their job.
One day the book told the candle that he didn’t need him any longer. He said, “Farewell, I can serve as both a candle and a book. All I need is a little pinch of fire.”
The candle said but don’t just stand there. I want fire said the book.
The candle did as the book said. In less than a minute later, the book was on fire. It was destroyed and turned to ash.

A Special Friend Can Tell
Tyler, 6, & Jordyn, 8, New York

The moral of my fable is:  A good friend can turn a bad day into a good one.
My Fable:
Jordyn woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She stepped on a toy, bumped her head on the bed post, put her shirt on inside out, was too late for breakfast, almost missed her bus, and got yelled at by the bus driver who honked 3 times!
In a horrible mood, Jordyn sat next to her friend Tyler, shaking her head. Tyler said, “Here take the ice pack from my lunch for your head. DO you want some of my bagel? I like your shirt.”
Jordyn smiled at Tyler and said, “Thanks, Tyler. You are my best friend and you sure know how to make someone turn a bad day into a good one!”

Fox and Wolf
Ethan, 10, Colorado

The moral of my fable is:  It is best to do today’s work today.  Don’t wait till later.
My Fable:
Once upon a time there was a rich Wolf king who lived in a huge, brick castle. There also lived a poor peasant fox who lived in a small village.
“Oh no! Wolves are invading our village again,” said the villagers. “What is going on guys? Oh no, wolves! I will take care of this. I can’t believe they are taking my wife and children away!” said Fox.
Four days later, Fox decided to prepare for battle. “I need justice. I also need to fix my village,” thought Fox.
Meanwhile, Wolf was waiting. He knew Fox was preparing, but he was just too busy eating his juicy apples and fruits. He was so busy eating in fact, that he didn’t think he needed to prepare at all.
Wolf looked out his window and what greeted his eye was a huge army!
He started to panic! He should have known. He should have prepared. Wolf’s army was then defeated. He was forced to leave his castle. Fox won the battle and saved his wife and children.

The Fox And The Selfish Monkey
Kailey, 7, Colorado

The moral of my fable is:  To stay out of trouble, don’t make the same mistakes others make.
My Fable:
Once upon a time there lived a kind fox and a selfish monkey. Fox was red and medium-sized.  Monkey was a crazy, brown spider monkey. Fox is kind and shows how kind by always puts others first.
One day, Monkey spied a juicy banana tree. The problem was that the banana tree didn’t belong to him. The tree belonged to Fox’s neighbor.
Subsequently, Monkey decided to cut down the tree and plant it in his own yard. Monkey went to jail!
Fox watched all of this happen and learned the lesson that he doesn’t want to get into trouble like the monkey.
Sometimes, when Fox wants plums from others, he remembers what happened to Monkey. Because he has learned a good lesson, he buys his own.

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