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The Little Kitten
Angelina, 10, Louisiana

The moral of my fable is:  Be patient.
My Fable:
There once was a mother cat, a brother cat, a sister cat, and a a little kitten. The big brother and sister were very good because they were older and much more wise. The little kitten, on the other hand, was too small and little to be wise and she wasn’t big enough to be good.
One afternoon the mother cat made chicken soup. It was very hot so the mother told her young ones to not eat it until it had cooled.
Yet, when they closed their eyes and were praying, the little kitten took a taste of the soup. She burnt her tongue so she could not eat and enjoy the delicious soup.

The Mouse And The Cat
Kaxenia, 10, San Antonio, Texas

The moral of my fable is:  Enemies might become friends.
My Fable:
A mouse was waiting for the cat to wake up because he wanted to make a deal with her.
The cat woke up and saw the mouse. She got ready to eat him when the mouse said, “Stop.”
The cat stopped. She let him tell her his deal. The cat agreed to be friends. They went on to be friends forever.

The Greedy Fish
Laurine, 7, Germany

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t be greedy for you may lose everything.
My Fable:
One day, there was a very hungry cat. The cat saw some fish in a fish bowl. “The fish look yummy!” said the cat.
Next, the cat sneaked up and grabbed one of the fish. Although he was not feeling hungry anymore, he still wanted more fish.
He reached in to grab another fish, but was clumsy and fell into the fish bowl. “Help!” screamed the cat. At that moment, both fish, who were still alive, swam out of his mouth. They escaped and lived a long time.

The Owl And The Fox
Ayman, 8, Germany

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t play tricks. Instead, ask for help if you have a problem.
My Fable:
One summer’s day, a wise owl read a book because he liked reading books. The fox had no hobbies; he just tricked animals. The fox was jealous of the owl, because all the other animals liked the owl more.
One day, the fox decided to build a trap for the owl. The smart owl saw the trap and threw a stone in it to make the trap break.
“Why are you trying to trick me, fox? asked the owl. “Because all the other animals like you more than they like me,” answered the fox.
The owl explained to him that if he played tricks, he would lose friends. “I know that deep down inside, you are nice,” the owl praised the fox.
From that day on they became best friends.

The Inchworm And The Bug
Ayda, 7, Germany

The moral of my fable is:  Beauty comes from within.
My Fable:
There was once an inchworm. She lived with her good friends the spider and the cricket. They loved her because she was always friendly and helpful.
One day, a beautiful, blue bug came. He saw the inchworm and said, “You are so ugly!” The inchworm was ashamed and crawled under a leaf.
The next day her friends were looking for her and called, “Where are you?” “Here I am!” answered the inchworm.
Her friends were so surprised to see a beautiful butterfly flying past them. The blue bug came back and asked, “Where is the ugly inchworm?” Her friends answered, “Do you see the beautiful butterfly? That is our good friend the inchworm. She is beautiful AND friendly AND helpful.”
The bug felt ashamed, flew away and never came back.

The Fable of the Elephant and the Hippo
Samuel, 10, Oklahoma

The moral of my fable is:  Being helpful to others helps make friendships.
My Fable:
Who will win the election?  Once upon a time there was an election for president between a kind, loving, and helpful elephant and a rude, mean hippo.
One day, Mr. Hippo went out to go to work.  On his way, Mrs. Monkey asked him if he could help with the garden.  “No. Your garden isn’t pretty anyway!”  sneered the hippo.
Later, she saw Mr. Elephant heading to work, and asked him for help.  “Sure!” said Mr. Elephant, “but then I’ll have to hurry to work.”  After work, Mr. Elephant saw a little monkey trying to get a banana, so he got it for him.
The next day the seals asked the elephant if he wanted to be president.  “Yes, “said Mr. Elephant.
Then Mr. Hippo interrupted and said, “I think I should be president, due to my intelligence!”
“All right, let’s take a vote,” said Mr. Moose.  Everybody except for the Hippos voted for Mr. Elephant.
“Mr. Elephant wins because he is helpful,” said Mr. Seal as he gave Mr. Elephant the golden coconut and some salty peanuts.

The Cat & The Dog
Sage, 10, Oakville, Manitoba

The moral of my fable is:  Always be cautious on the roads.
My Fable:
The cat and the dog, one day a cat want for a walk.
The cat saw the dog walking on the road. A car was coming.
The cat ran so fast that it could reach and jump on the dog to rescue it.
The dog was saved. “Thank you for saving me,” said the dog. “You are welcome,” said the cat.

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