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The Eagle And The Pigeon
Kaelyn. 9, Oakville, Manitoba

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t cheat to just win.
My Fable:
On a sunny day in the forest, a pigeon woke up from his marvelous bed. He got up and fell down the stairs because he was still tired.
He went outside and saw a eagle so he flew up to him and said, “Hi. Do you want to race?” He asked his question in a nice way.
The eagle laughed out loud. And said, “You want to race me? I’m the fastest bird in the forest.” The pigeon didn’t believe that.
So the birds went to the starting line. A bird shouted. “ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!”
When the eagle and pigeon were high as a tree they starting racing as fast as they could. When the pigeon was in the lead the eagle hurt the pigeon by biting the pigeon’s wing. He had to cheat. The eagle raced to the finish line and won but the birds saw that he had cheated.
So they voted that the pigeon had won. The eagle said he was sorry and the pigeon and eagle became friends.

The Lion And The Panda
Aisha, 10, Manitoba

The moral of my fable is:  You can get more things done with kindness.
My Fable:
One day there was a selfish lion and a kind panda. They were trying to get an apple from an apple tree. So were all of the animals.
But the apple tree was to tall for all of the animals to reach any apples.
Then the lion ordered all the animals to go get up there. It didn’t work.
Then the panda tried to get to get all of the animals to help. He asked them to please try to get up there. That worked.

The Bear And The Monkey
Sage, 10, Oakville

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t be a bully.
My Fable:
One day the mean bear was being a bully to everybody in the city.
A monkey was sitting on a branch in the jungle looking down at the city. He said, “Why is that bear being a bully to everybody?”
A few days later the bear wanted to visit the jungle. It was very sunny there. He said, “I will see lots of animals.”
He saw a monkey on a branch. He wanted to surprise the monkey so he ran on the dry ground to the monkey and accidentally pushed him off the branch.
The bear said, “I am so sorry.”
The monkey said, “It’s OK. I was just looking at the city.”
“Oh,” the bear said.
“Hey, you are that bear that was bullying everybody in the city” asked the monkey. “You wanted to push me off. Why are you a bully?” the monkey asked.
“I don’t know,” replied the mean bear.
“You don’t have to be a bully,” said the monkey.
The bear replied thoughtfully, “OK. And, thank you. I will be nicer.”

The New Student
Alyssa, 11, New York, USA

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t judge a book by its cover.
My Fable:
One Monday morning there was a new student at Eagle Eye Elementary School. Her name was Callie the Cat. In her eyes, there was a little snowflake.
When everyone saw her, they were scared. You see, back in the old days, everyone thought that pets with a little snowflake in their eyes were evil and would freeze them.
Callie was lonely and wanted a friend. She wished that she wasn’t born with the snowflake in her eye.
One day a girl named Lilly the Lion came up to Callie and said hi. Everyone gasped and said, “No, you will be frozen!”
Lilly asked if Callie would like to be her friend and Callie said yes! From that day on, Lilly and Callie became best friends and no one was scared of Callie.

The Lion And The Skunk
Kendra, 11, Canada

The moral of my fable is:  Never say rude things to friend because anything can happen.
My Fable:
One day, as the lion was walking around in the woods, he can across a smelly skunk. The skunk would always say that the lion smells awesome.
But the lion could not think like that. The wanted to say that the skunk smells like trash, but the Lion wouldn’t want to say that to her and hurt the skunk’s feelings. So he went up to the Skunk, smiled, and said “You smell the best.”
But as the days went on the Lion got mad, very mad. Then the lion went up to the skunk before she could say a word and said, “You know Skunk, you smell awful,” and then turned around.
Then the Skunk replied, “Well, you know Mr. Lion, that was very mean to say,” and she ran away.
Then the lion was lonely because he lost his friend.

The Big Animal Race
Alyssa, 11, New York, United States

The moral of my fable is:  Cheaters NEVER prosper in the long run.
My Fable:
On a regular hot Sunday afternoon in the city of Eagle Pass, a Siberian husky named Kichoo was playing with her friends. Then, Merigold, a sly red fox came up to Kichoo and said, “Hey, I bet I am WAY faster than you. To prove it, let’s have a race tomorrow in the afternoon.” Kichoo accepted.
“Kichoo is the fastest animal here,” thought Merigold. “I have to cheat!” Kichoo trained all day and slept at 8:30 pm. Meanwhile, Merigold was thinking of a plan and went to bed at 3:00 am.
The next afternoon all the animals of Eagle Pass went to see the big race. Kichoo was first at the starting line. Merigold finally came to the starting line yawning. Ready, set, go! Both young canines started running as fast as they could. Kichoo was a lightning bolt! Merigold used the short cut (even though that was against the rules) to get to the finishing line.
That sly fox was in front of Kichoo! “Hey Kichoo, if I win, you will leave Eagle Pass forever! If you win, you can decide what to do with me!” said Merigold. “I can’t leave my friends,” thought Kichoo. Merigold then started calling Kichoo a “slow-poke” and said she’ll never win.
But Kichoo didn’t listen and ran really fast that no one could see her moving!
Then, swoosh! Kichoo won! Not only did Merigold learn her lesson, but was surprised when Kichoo decided that Merigold could stay in Eagle Pass and asked to be her friend.
Now you know that cheaters never win.

Big Football Game Of The Century
John Lannan, 16, Massachusetts

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t give up.
My Fable:
Once a upon a time, Baldwin the Eagle and Rattler the Snake were arguing over who was going to win the football game.
Then Baldwin started a fight but Rattler did not give up.  Baldwin scratched Rattler and Rattler got furious.  Then Baldwin dodged Rattler’s bite.
Baldwin said, “I’m going to throw you to the ground,” and then Rattler said, “Don’t you dare!”
Then Baldwin flew into the air and swooped down.  Rattler got caught by Baldwin’s claws and Baldwin threw Rattler to the ground, right in front of the goal post.  Rattler caught the ball and ran to score the winning touchdown!
Rattler never gave up! His team beat Baldwin’s team.

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