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The Squirrel And His Dreams
Christian, 16, Massachusetts

The moral of my fable is:  Go for your dreams!
My Fable:
Once upon a time there were a squirrel and a bird. The bird was in a tree watching the squirrel bury nuts for the winter.
The squirrel climbed up the tree to get some more nuts and saw the bird watching him.
“I want to live in a world made of nuts,” said the squirrel. “Go for it,” said the bird. “First thing you need to do is start collecting lots of nuts.” “How?” asked the squirrel. “Well it is simple,” said the bird. “Collect as many nuts a you can. Start by digging up all the nuts you buried.” “Ok,” said the squirrel.
The squirrel started building his dream. He finally finished and he was very thrilled with his world of nuts!
“Thank you!” said the squirrel.

The Monkey and The Gorilla
Harrison, 10, Kentucky

The moral of my fable is:  Learn from your mistakes.
My Fable:
Early one morning in the jungle there were a Monkey and a Gorilla. This year would be an off season for the jungle’s weather. It was supposed to get super cold and frosty all year. Both Monkey and Gorilla knew that very cold weather was coming, but while Gorilla was getting bananas to harvest, Monkey was swinging on vines playing. Gorilla was getting the bananas yelling, “Are you going to get the food for the winter or not?”.
“Nah” “Weather men are always wrong.”
So Monkey continued harvesting bananas. The Gorilla continued playing. A terrible storm came, bringing with it one foot of snow. The Monkey had no food and was hungry so he yelled across the canopy to Gorilla and asked for bananas. Gorilla thought about it and decided to be nice and give him some. But he was one mile away. Luckily he had the strongest arm in the jungle and could throw the bananas to Monkey. The snow finally let up and Gorilla could get some more bananas. He collected bananas while Monkey again played. Gorilla told him once again, “Are you not going to get food? It’s supposed to snow again.”
Once again the Monkey said, “Nah, the weathermen are always wrong.”
So the horrible snow came and Gorilla was satisfied with his bananas, but Monkey was hungry. Once again Monkey asked Gorilla for bananas. Gorilla thought about it and this time he said no. Gorilla believed that Monkey should have learned his lesson.
The next big storm came. Monkey died of starvation. Gorilla lived a long happy life.

The Young Bear Who Learned His Lesson The Hard Way
Danielle M.

The moral of my fable is:  Always listen to your parents.
My Fable:
Once there was a bear who lived with his mother bear and his father bear. He never listened to his parents.
“No sweets,” the mother bear would say. He didn’t listen. “Don’t watch TV all day,” the father bear would say, but he didn’t listen.
But one graceful day, that all changed.
On that day the son bear asked, “Is it hot outside?” No,” said the mother bear. Then the son bear asked, “Is it warm outside?” “No, sweetie. It’s cold outside,” said the mother bear. “Your suppose to be hibernating,” said the father bear. “I’m not going to,” said the son bear.
“Well, well,” said the father bear. “We warned you.”
That same day, the son bear went outside into the cold. Playing in the snow, he was fine. Then he grew cold and tired and hungry. He tried getting back inside, but the door was locked. His parents were hibernating.

Horse, Dog, Cat, And The Pack Of Gum
Maia, 9, New Hampshire

The moral of my Fable: Tell the Truth
My Fable:
One day, Horse came to school and was acting weird. Dog saw Horse and asked, “What are you hiding?” Horse just said, “Nothing,” and ran away.
Dog got worried and later saw Horse and Cat talking. Cat asked, “Do you have some gum?” Horse nervously said, “I have nothing.” “What are you doing?” asked Dog to Horse. “Nothing,” said Horse.
So Cat and Dog went to Jaguar, the school counselor. “We have a problem with Horse. We think he might be hurt.”
Horse, Dog, and Cat talked to Jaguar later that day. Jaguar asked, “Are you OK?” “Yes,” said Horse. “I don’t know what side I should be on because I do not know who is telling the truth. You sort it out yourselves.
Horse felt guilty and worried about worrying his friends and the counselor. The next day Horse said, “I wasn’t honest with you. I was going to give you the gum after school instead.” He was very, very, truly sorry and said that he would never lie again. They all made up and had a piece of gum.

Tiger And Jaguar
Malkias, 7, New Hampshire

The moral of my fable is: Tell the truth.
My Fable:
Once upon a time there lived a tiger and a jaguar. They were performing in a circus and Jaguar loved Tiger’s act.
When Tiger was done, Tiger asked Jaguar, “How did I do?” Jaguar was too scared that his words would come out wrong. “I don’t know. I need more time,” said Jaguar. Tiger was a little sad that he didn’t get a reply.
Five days later Tiger asked Jaguar, “Have you decided yet?” “Yes, I did. I loved it!” Tiger was happy that Jaguar told him the truth. “Thanks!” said Tiger.
They lived happily ever after.

Koala and Panda
Maleena, 8, Washington

The moral of my fable is: Getting mad over little things can make situations worse.
My Fable:
There once was a panda who was clumsy and a koala who was mad most of the time. Each day panda twice went to koala’s fruit stand to buy some juicy and sweet smelling fruit.
Each day Koala set up his colorful fruit stand just after he awakens. One day when panda came shopping, he accidentally bumped a big barrel of apples. They rolled all over the ground. Immediately, koala got angry. Quickly panda said, “I am sorry.”
Panda bought the delicious oranges and accidentally squished one. Koala got so angry that he said, “You should not come here anymore.” With his feelings hurt, panda left.
For many days he did not return. Koala felt selfish. He thought to himself, “I am going to go give panda some fruit.” Koala selected some nice fruit and went to panda’s house.
He went in and gave panda some yummy fruit. He said, “I am sorry that I became over excited. Would you like to come to my fruit stand again?” The next day panda returned.
Koala learned the lesson that getting mad over little things can make situations worse.

The Trip To Duvall
Matthew, Duvall, Washington

The moral of my fable is: Be nice and try to help others.
My Fable:
There once was a dog who had just moved into town. His name was Slushey. He is a Husky and a nice dog who is two years old. His family just moved to Duvall.
There are cats around that like to fight, said the wise old hound next door. Slushey said, “Okay, I will watch out for them.”
One week later he saw a cat that was hurt. It must have been in a fight, Slushey thought.
Two days later he was sniffing in a alley and, as he turned around, he saw a black cat. It had a long spiny tail it bared is teeth.
The cat started forward cornering him. Then, all of a sudden, the wise old hound appeared right next to Slushey. He scared the cat away. The wise old hound said, “You shouldn’t be out here. I’m taking you home”.
They came up to his front door where the wise old hound said, “Go inside”. Good bye, said the hound. “Goodbye”, said Slushey because he was going on vacation. That was the end of Slushey’s stay at Duvall.

Foxy The Fox
Maria, 11, Duvall, Washington

The moral of my fable is: Be nice and help others.
My Fable:
Once there was a fox named Foxy. She was laying on a pillow when she saw a gray mouse.
She got up and started to chase it. The mouse barely got away by running into her mouse hole.
But the next day Foxy was waiting for the mouse.
So when the mouse came, Foxy scraped the mouse’s leg with her claws. The next day she could not go out. The mouse called out and said, “You are very mean to kill so many good animals.”
Foxy was very ashamed and reformed her ways.

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