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Roman W., 10, Michigan
The Fox And The Squirrel

The moral of my fable: Give people a second chance.

My fable: Once upon a time there was an extremely greedy squirrel and a very poor, sneaky fox. They both lived in the forest. The squirrel lived in the tallest tree in the forest. It smelled of pine needles, flowers and nuts. The fox lived in a cold, dark, den. It smelled like mud, rotten meat and bone meal. The floor was very hard unlike the squirrel’s soft carpet.
One day, the squirrel bought a ton of food. He got meat, bread, butter, potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce. He had a huge party and invited everyone but the fox. Everything was delicious and everyone was full.
That night the fox went to squirrel’s house and stole all the leftover food. The next day squirrel woke up and noticed his food was gone. He got so mad his face turned red! Then he noticed the fox prints and went to his house.
When the fox opened the door, the squirrel saw the food and jumped on the fox. Then he saw three fox pups crying for they were very hungry. He got off of the fox, gave him some money for a new house, and after that they had the biggest party ever.

Give Me a Chance

Miriam W., 11, Washington

The moral of my fable: Give others a chance to be friends.

My fable: Once upon a time in a shady forest there lived a mischievous fox named Ben. Ben enjoyed eating. In a big meadow nearby there lived an innocent little bunny named Lucy. Ben did not have any friends because he stole and cheated. He also ate bunnies!
Ben was a lonely fox because he was the only fox in the forest. None of the animals trusted him. On the other hand, Lucy had a large group of friends. Lucy fancied playing hopscotch and eating carrots. All of the bunnies in the meadow disliked Ben or were afraid of Ben. However Lucy was a brave bunny.
One day Lucy asked her mom if she could go in the forest. Her mom said, “Yes”. She also warned Lucy about Ben. Lucy set out on her adventure into the forest. She ran through the forest. She was having such a delightful time, that Lucy didn’t quite know were she was. It grew dark; as a result she was afraid. Lucy heard sticks cracking.
“Who’s there?” she said. Then she saw Ben. Lucy wanted to scream. As she opened her mouth to scream, Ben spoke in a soft voice.
He said, “I am here to help you get back home. Ben continued, “I want a chance to show you I can be a friend”.
Lucy drew in a deep breath and asked, “Are you hungry?”
“Yes,” replied Ben. Lucy handed Ben a juicy carrot. Ben tried it and savored it. Lucy even convinced Ben to become a vegetarian. Lucy grew found of Ben. They slowly became best friends.

Andrew S., 11, Illinois, USA

Always Be Responsible

The moral of my fable: Do your work now.

My fable:  Once upon a time there was a fluffy bird. He liked to do his chores later. Bear was kind and nice. Bear asked Bird, “Do you want to go to the awesome park?” Bear asked if Bird had cleaned his room.
Bird said, “Why should I bother?”
Bird asked his Mom and Dad. They said, “No, you didn’t clean your room.” Bird was unhappy. Bird learned his lesson to do his work now; do not do it later.
The next day Bear asked if Bird could go to the fun mall. Bird could go. He cleaned his room. He had a great time.
Bear and Bird were best friends. Bird never forgot to clean his room ever again.

Dog And Fox Work Together

Mia C., 13, Florida

The moral of my fable is: It is best to do today’s work today.

My fable:  One nice sunny day, a spotted and very diligent Dog was working in his beautiful and very neat little garden. He was pulling a tough weed when he looked up and said, “What in the world!?”, because he had seen his neighbor Fox’s, yard.
It was all overgrown with weeds and vines. The worst part was it was growing over the fence into Dog’s yard. “That annoying Fox,” sighed Dog. “He’s so lazy he won’t even take care of his own yard. I’ve gotta do something.”
So Dog thought and thought until finally he had an idea. “First,” he thought aloud, “I’ll let my garden start overgrowing. Then I’ll help Fox clean his yard and show him how affected I am by his laziness.”
So that’s what he did. Sure enough, Fox complained to Dog. “Dog your yard is bothering me. Clean it up please.” “Whoa, whoa, whoa Fox,” said Dog. “You’re saying that I have to clean my yard when you don’t ever have to?”
“Well,” said Fox looking a little embarrassed, “I just don’t like work, but now I see that the sooner you do your work the less of it you’ll have to do. C’mon, I’ll help you clean your yard.” “Thanks,” said Dog. And off they went. They both realized that is best to not wait till later.

The Rooster And The Bear
James M., 9, California

The moral of my fable:  You should try to help someone who has helped you.

My fable:  Crash!  Smash!  went the window.  The big black bear was breaking into a house.  He almost got scraped by the sharp glass.  He explored the house.  Soon he found a door that led to the kitchen.  He pushed open the door and found the jackpot: plums, bananas, and his favorite, granola bars.  The bear felt happy as he smelled the granola bar.  He also smelled honey in the granola bar, sticky and sweet.  He ate until he felt like he wanted some vegetables.
He pushed through the door and out into the garden.  When he got to the garden, he felt like he was not alone.  There was a skinny rooster pecking at bugs in the dirt.  In his mind, the bear changed the menu from salad to chicken!  Then he said, “Little chicken, little chicken, I will eat you up!”
The rooster said, “Please spare me!   Some day I might help you.”
The bear laughed and said, “You’re a little too small.  I’ll leave you alone but I don’t think you’ll ever help me.”
The next day, the bear broke in to a house again.  He sniffed the air.  “Mmmm…smells like honey-flavored oatmeal!”  Then he saw the box of oatmeal.  He ate some and got a lot all over his fur.  When he walked away, a trail of oatmeal followed him.  He heard a car horn beep and thought, “Uh-oh, people!”
He began running.  He ran and growled.  When he came to a stream, it was too deep for him to cross.  He looked back and saw the police.  He cried out, “Rooster!  Rooster!  Come help me!”
The rooster was pecking in a field of grass when he heard the bear growling.  He came and ate the trail of oatmeal crumbs so the people couldn’t follow the trail to find the bear.  The rooster said, “You may be big, but small can be good too. Thank you for helping me.”

The Diligent Cheetah & The Lazy Leopard

Kayla H., 14, Virginia

The moral of my fable:  Do today’s work today; don’t wait until later.

My fable:  Once there was an African mother cheetah who was a diligent hunter. She always made sure she and her family had enough food before they got too hungry.
Nearby lived a lazy leopard who liked to sleep. He had fleas and bad teeth, and he was always dirty. He only hunted when his stomach growled.
One day, both of them were hunting gazelle in the forest at the same time. Mrs. Cheetah was hiding quietly, but Mr. Leopard’s stomach was rumbling like an engine! The prey ran away just as Mrs. Cheetah was about to pounce on a gazelle. She heard it speed away and came out of her hiding place to see what had happened.
There stood Mr. Leopard with his growling stomach. He complained, “Oh, do my hunting for me! I’m too weak to hunt.” Mrs. Cheetah replied, “If I do, then I won’t have time to feed my family.” Then she ran off to hunt silently and alone.

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