Name This Fable & Tell Us What The Moral Is.

Please read the fable below. Do you have a suggested title for this fable? What do you think the moral of this fable is?
When we have a fitting title & moral, it may be posted with the winner’s first name, age, and location.

The Lion & The Weasel

The fable:

Some time ago there was fearless Lion. He was experienced and was liked by nearly all the kids who knew him.
He had learned a lot being the team captain in all kinds of games against many different teams in schoolyards from the Home Schoolyard to Everywhere Else.
One day Lion was selected to be captain in The Really Big Game. The Really Big Game was going to be played on Lion’s Home Schoolyard.
Players and kids from Everywhere Else and Home Schoolyard were going to watch The Really Big Game. Many kids would be present in the schoolyard and many, many other kids would watch The Really Big Game over the Internet.
Lion planned the strategy and knew tactics that could win. But he knew little of the opposing team.
The opposing team in The Really Big Game was a gang of thugs who disguised themselves in colorful team uniforms. They looked very impressive. The leader of the opposing team was a mean weasel. His name Omnocon. Omnocon the weasel was not experienced and not very skilled. And he was kind of lazy. But he was very, very good at telling lies and very, very good at cheating. He could often get other nasty kids to play on his team. They knew that he lied and cheated but they wanted to win. They did not care how they won.
Many kids from Everywhere Else knew that Omnocon’s team was full of players who cheated whenever they played Anywhere and Everywhere Else. The Really Big Game on the Home Schoolyard would be very important.
The Really Big Game day came and Omnocon told his team to use all kinds of dirty tricks, lies, and lies to defeat Lion’s team. Omnocon won The Really Big Game.
But during the months after The Really Big Game, Omnocon was not able to hold his team together to beat other teams. That is because the only way he could ever win was to use dirty tricks, lies, and cheat.
Over time, some of Omnocon’s team members quit, some got caught and sent to jail for cheating, and others left the game league because they always lost except when they used dirty tricks, lied, and cheated.
Eventually most kids everywhere saw that Lion’s team and Lion himself were the real winners.
The kids all shouted for Lion to be crowned the official winner of The Really Big Game.

What do you think the moral of this fable is?
Kids, please include your first name, your city or country, & this fable’s moral.

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