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Cats Versus Dogs
Rayan, 9, U.A.E

The moral of my fable is:  Never be mean to people or to animals because sometimes they can retaliate.
My fable is:
One day a cat told to a dog that cats are better than dogs. The dog got very mad at the cat and he started a war.
He made a secret room with dogs in it and robot dogs. He went to to the cats’ base and said, “Attack!!!!”
All the cats and dogs started fighting.
The king dog said to the king cat that his cats are mightier than the dogs. He also said that his dogs will win.
The fighting continued until all the cats and dogs died.
Then the cat king and the dog king started to fight.
The dog and the cat had armor so they jumped and kept fighting. Finally, the dog king jumped at the cat king and killed him with his sword.

Lucy And Liam
Isaiah Ceasar, 9, Paranaque City, Philippines

The moral of my fable is:  Don’t be jealous.
My fable is:
Once upon a time there were two siblings named Lucy and Liam. Lucy’s dad always buy toys, iPad, iPhone for Lucy, but Liam had no toy, no iPad, no iPhone.
Liam said madly, “Look at you. You have toys and everything, but I have nothing of that sort.”
Lucy and Liam started a fight. Then their dad came to their room. Their dad said, “Stop the fight! Why are you two fighting?”
Liam said, “I started the fight dad, because I’m jealous because it is always Lucy who has things like an iPad and iPhone. I am very mad.”
Then their dad said, “Don’t be jealous of Lucy. Here, I bought an iPhone 5c for you.”
Liam said, “Thanks dad. I love you.”
Their the dad said, “I love you too, son.” And the family lived happily ever after.

The Camel & The Horse
Reem, 9, Egypt

The moral of my fable is:  Do not promise to do something that you cannot do and do not to say something that you cannot be responsible for.
My fable is:
Ounce upon a time there was a horse and a camel. The horse said to the camel, “Can you race me please?” The camel’s answer was, “Yes. I will win. So I don’t guess that you can win over me, but lets start,” laughed the camel.
The camel said, “I have no idea how you might win this race over me.”
But the camel said to himself, “I will beat him by cheating.”
They started the race and the horse was a little ahead, but the camel bumped the horse. The horse fell down. The camel was close, but the horse get up and ran faster.
And the horse won the race.

The Sister And Brother
Adil Mohammed, 9, U.A.E.

The moral of my fable is:  Always believe in what elders say.
My fable is:
Once there was a brother who always played pranks on his sister.
One day his sister told him that they were going on vacation. But the brother didn’t listen, as she was elder. He believed she was trying to prank him back.
But the next day, when he woke, he saw everyone ready to go somewhere.
When he asked his mom, she said, “We are going to go on vacation.”
But the boy was not ready and got scolded for that.

The Rabbit And The Dog
Beth, 10, England

The moral of my fable is:  Do not tell lies because one day you may be telling the truth and no one will believe you.
My fable is:
There once lived a rabbit and a dog. The rabbit was very jealous that the dog received more attention than he did.
Then, one day, the rabbit got so jealous that he decided to tell lies to all of his friends. He cried, “The dog keeps trying to hurt me!”
The dog got into lots of trouble.
Then, everyday the rabbit kept telling tales about the dog.
But one day the other rabbits noticed that the rabbit was telling fibs. A few days later the rabbit squealed again, “The dog is trying to hurt me!”
This time the rabbit’s friends ignored him. Later that day the other rabbits realized that the dog had seriously hurt their friend.

The Bee Lies
Nikita, 10, Ontario

The moral of my fable is:  Honesty is the best policy.
My fable is:
A week ago, in a bee hive, Honey and Jack were talking like friends. “Jack! Go get some more honey. Your comb is just about empty!” demanded the queen bee.
Jack was tired. He fell asleep and when he woke up he remembered he had to get more honey. Honey was out getting more honey. Jack buzzed over quietly to her hive and sucked up two cells. He filled up his to make it look like it was full.
When Honey came back she said to herself, “I am sure I had more than this.” She went around asking others until she came to Jack. “Jack did you steal some of my honey?” Honey spoke sweetly.
“No, I would never steal honey,” Jack said with a slight grin. “I know you did because I never saw you on your favorite flower,” Honey chuckled.
“Fine, oh fine. You caught me! I took your honey because I didn’t get any sleep last night and all I want to do is sleep,” Jack sobbed.
“It’s okay. I just wish you had told me!” “I promise tomorrow I will get you more honey!” “Great, I guess it’s settled!” Honey smiled in a friendly way.
They are best friends now.

Baby Bear And Chipmunk
Sydney, 11, Ontario

The moral of my fable is:  No one is too small to help.
My fable is:
One day baby bear was walking and feeling great about himself. He wanted to climb a tree.
Meanwhile, chipmunk was storing nuts for the winter.
All of a sudden baby bear got stuck in the tree. “Help help,” cried baby bear. Chipmunk heard him and came running to the rescue. Chipmunk asked, “Do you need help?” baby bear said, “Yes, I do but how are small you going to get me out of this tree?”
Suddenly chipmunk got an idea and ran to get his friends to help him get a ladder. They put it beside the tree and baby bear climbed down the ladder. Baby bear said, “Thank you,” and they want on their way.
Baby bear went back to walking in the flower fields and chipmunk went back to storing nuts for the winter.
A few months later, amidst the winter, baby bear had no food. He had to ask chipmunk for food or he would starve.

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