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A special thank you to Maria K., Teacher Librarian at the C. S. School, for providing special assistance with the writing and submission of all fables on this page.

Muffin And Brownie
Adelaide & Sierra, 8, Oregon

The moral of our fable is : Always stay with a friend in places that you do not really know.

Our fable: In  a garden there was a cat and a dog. Their names were Muffin the cat and Brownie the dog. They were fighting about who was the fastest.Then Muffin said, “I dare you to a race in the forest. Brownie agreed.
So they spread the word that they were going to race in the forest the next day.
Brownie’s owner, Snow White, put a bone at the finish line so she couldn’t get lost. She knew the cat would now know the way. They started the race. But then they got lost in the middle of the forest.
Muffin thought she saw a short cut, but she slipped and landed in front of a tiger!
The tiger said, “Where is your partner?” Muffin said, “I left her in the middle of  the forest.” The tiger got mad and said, “If you don’t get your partner I will eat you for dinner.” Muffin said, “No.” So the tiger said, “Time for dinner!”
So Muffin ran and ran until she lost the tiger. Brownie won the race. Muffin married a fox and had two fox twins and two cat twins.
Meanwhile the tiger was sad that he did not have dinner.

The Berry
Merle & Tulasi, 8, Oregon

The moral of our fable is: Share with others.

Our fable: It was a new day and Catpig was looking for food. At last he passed Pikachu. Pikachu had a raspberry he hadn’t eaten yet.
Catpig asked if he could have some of the berry. But Pikachu said “NO! MY BERRY! BACK OFF!”
Catpig held his ground and had a point; but so did Pikachu.
But before you could say, NO, Catpig ran up and took the berry, split it in half and ate one half.
Then he threw the other half to Pikachu. They were back to being friends.

The Dog And The Cat
Jane & Kiely, 8, Oregon

The moral of our fable is: Don’t be jealous.

Our fable: Once upon a beautiful sunset, a cat was lurking in Mrs. Lurkins backyard, aware that a dog was present. They glared at each other. But before they could speak, rain started dripping onto the cat’s head. The cat was not happy that it was raining. So Mrs. Lurkins let the cat inside, not seeing the dog.
The dog was jealous that Mrs. Lurkins let the cat come inside and not him. So he started to walk through the giant brown mud puddles and gracefully through the doggy door. Mrs. Lurkins scolded the dog and he had to take a bath, his least favorite thing in the whole world.
The next day he chased the cat and he slipped into the giant mud puddles. He was knee deep in mud and it was a long night thereafter.

The Two Gorillas
Siena, 8, Oregon

The moral of my fable is: Always think for yourself.

My fable: One cool day in San Francisco in an alley by a elementary school, two gorillas named Hunter and Jerry were having a argument.
Hunter was a sneaky gorilla who got upset when things didn’t go his way. But Hunter’s brother Jerry was the complete opposite. He was big hearted and kind and was always willing to help out his brother.
Hunter loved to get himself into trouble. His favorite activity was vandalizing the neighborhood school. Hunter was trying to convince his brother to come along with him on his next trip but Jerry knew it would blow up in his face if he went. “No way!” Jerry said. “I am not coming along just to see you get in trouble again!”
But Jerry’s love for his brother took over and he agreed to help him. “We will vandalize the school tomorrow night.”
The next night when Jerry showed up at the school Hunter was nowhere to be seen. After a while he started to get bored and began chucking rocks at the school. In about an hour both Hunter and the police had shown up.
As Jerry sat in jail he remembered how this all started and he learned that he should have listened to his mind and not his brother.

The Sassy Peacock And The Amazing Lion
Chloe & Caitlin, 8, Oregon

The moral of our fable is: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Our fable: Once there was a single lonely lion. One day he took a walk. Then something caught his eye. It was a beautiful peacock.
The lion asked the peacock out. They went to a fancy seafood restaurant. As he started to talk the peacock interrupted. She talked all about how beautiful she was and the lion never got a chance to talk. After dinner the lion walked the peacock home.
“I never got your name,” said the lion. “My name is Vivian. What is yours?” “Well, my name is Edward.” “What kind of name is that? I’m so disgusted that I’m walking home by myself.”
Edward took a big sigh and walked home. As he was walking home he realized that the peacock was rude, self absorbed, and sassy. Then he realized that it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, it matters what’s on the inside.
The next morning he took a walk and on that walk he met a panda that wore ragged clothes. He thought that she was really nice even though she wasn’t as beautiful as the peacock. Then the panda Phoebe and the lion Edward lived happily ever after.
P.S. The peacock was jealous of Phoebe.

The Sloth And The Racoon
Ilias, 8, Oregon

The moral of my fable is: Don’t hurt people just because you’re jealous of them.

My fable: Once there was a racoon and sloth sitting in the great tree of stripes when a bear came along. The bear saw the sloth and became jealous. The bear thought of an evil plot so the next day the bear attacked the sloth. But then the racoon pushed the bear off the cliff because he was jealous.

The Kitten And The Woodpecker
Imogen, 8, Oregon

The moral of my fable is: You’re perfect the way you are!

My fable: Once there was a kitten and a woodpecker. The kitten was jealous of the woodpecker’s beautiful feathers. But the woodpecker was jealous of the kitten’s camouflage gray fur. One day the kitten walked up to the woodpecker and told him, “I know how we can switch our colors. All you have to do is follow me.” “OK,” Woodpecker said.
As they walked they came to a tall cliff. “Can you fly me up that cliff?” asked Kitten. “Of course.” Woodpecker answered. Kitten climbed on Woodpecker’s back and they flew up the cliff.
As they got to the top they hopped in the dry yellow grass. They leaped across the rocks till they came to a deep dark tunnel.
“We have to go through there.” Kitten said. “Will you lead me through?” Woodpecker asked. “Yes,” said Kitten. Woodpecker latched his wings around Kitten as she led him through. When they got out of the tunnel to the great oak, they realized they didn’t need to change because they were perfect the way they were.

The Sloth And The Bear
Fiona & Lydia, 8, Oregon

The moral of our fable is: Be grateful for who you are.

Our fable: One day Speedy the sloth saw Eileen the bear running. So Speedy decided to try it.
When Speedy started to go, his long sharp claws sunk into the dirt and he fell forward. Eileen saw Speedy fall and laughed. “That’s not funny said Speedy”. “But it is,” said Eileen.
“But it’s not. It’s not funny when someone gets hurt.” “Then what is it”? asked Eileen
“It’s sad,” said Speedy. “Ok…ok I am sorry,” said Eileen. “Now I know I can’t run and you can,” said Speedy, “So I am grateful for who I am!”

The Owl And The Bunny
Shani & Eliana, 8, Oregon

The moral of our fable is: Listen to others.

Our fable: Once in a field there lived a bunny. Her name was Samantha and she lived near an owl named Hooty. Hooty liked to play tag in the sky. Samantha liked to run around in the fields.
One day Hooty was hungry so he looked around and saw some lettuce. Hooty said, “Yum, I will eat this lettuce.” Samantha heard him and yelled, “No, don’t eat that. It’s poison ivy!”
But Hooty didn’t listen. He took a bite. It was weird. It was kind of chewy. Suddenly Hooty had a weird urge to itch his tongue and he flew over to Samantha and asked her “What is wrong with me?” Samantha answered, “You ate poison ivy.”
Hooty learned his lesson to listen to others.

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