Hello, Teachers

Please limit the number of fables submitted by your class to ten. Some responsible teachers run contests to select the best fables. Some responsible teachers group two or more students into collaborative teams to write fables. Their fables are then submitted with each team member’s name included.
Writing fables as a classroom contest or classroom collaboration will teach cooperation & teamwork while keeping it fair for all kids everywhere. Only in this way may every child have an opportunity to get published on KidsFables.com.
Please be sure to check out the tips for writing a good fable that will likely get published. It is important to use paragraph breaks appropriately to make your fable understood by readers.
Teachers who work with students to ensure the development of a cooperative spirit can help their students carry this concept through their lives. Writing fables in small groups can be a part of these lessons.
Trying to publish more than their class’ fair share is unfair to other classes and demonstrates poor judgment on the part of the teacher.

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