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Kids submitted their thoughts about KidsFables:

—  Alyssa says, “I believe is an amazing website. You can write fables for free AND check out people’s fables from around the world! Try it and I KNOW you’ll like it.”
—  Kaelyn says, “its cool that we can make our own fables.”
—  Samuel says, “I think it’s a really cool, helpful website that encouraged me to write a fable.”
—  Ayda says, “I am excited to have the opportunity to submit my own fable!”
—  Kaxenia says, “KidsFables is the best website.”
—  Tyler & Jordyn say, “KidsFables has been a fun place to learn about old stories that represent things that are happening now.”
—  Angelina says, “It’s inspiring for young writers like me.”
—  Marisa says, “It’s awesome.  I like fables, if I want to read a book I would go onto”
—  Ryan says, “I like reading and seeing other peoples creativity.”
—  Mazie says, “I love your website!  I just learned about fables in school and thought I should write one to sum it up.  Then, I found your website! THANKS!!!!!”
—  Nicole says, “I think it is very good for young writers to learn about the history of righting and literature. It is good for kids to look at other people’s stories and see how they look from a kids perspective.”
—  Mimi says, “I think it is great you can read other kid’s fables!”
—  Danielle says, “I think they have great fables.”
—  Beth says, “It has really helped me to write my fable with moral. We are also learning about fables at school.”
—  Adil says, “It is a great example for kids to write stories.”
—  Reem says, “Great and prefect and I love my teacher that told us your site.”
—  Isaiah says, “It’s nice from kids to learn moral lessons.”
—  Abdullah says, “I think this the best website I could have ever come. Thank for this website.”
—  Olivia says, “I think is an awesome website for kids, teachers, and parents to help or get help.”
—  Alisha says, “It is cool because they let kids publish stories.”
—  Kellie says, “It’s awesome for kids to put stories on it.”
—  Davionna says, “It is amazing for kids to be able to write and publish their own fables.”
—  Susan says, “It’s amazing.”
—  Maggie says, “I am excited to see that kids my age have had a fable published.”
—  Alexis says, “I loved that my teacher showed me this site. It made me excited to write!
—  Marissa says, “I think is a very interesting site because the people here post many fables that I just love reading.”
—  Tiara says, “ is an excellent site to learn about fables. My sister learned how to write her first fable from here.”
—  Miriam says, “It’s the best place I’ve ever been to.”
—  Hinal says, “It is the best site ever! I love it! It is amazing!!! :)”
—  Palak says, “It’s a way to share your creativity with others.”
—  Tanishqa  says, “I like this website and its appropriate for our age children and a knowledgeable site where we gain knowledge from.”
—  Fiona says, “I think it is very cool and the kids ideas helped me a lot to write my own fable for school.”
—  Noah says, “It’s really awesome and I took a long time to make this and I really want this published.”
—  Jessica says, “I think it is a great website for kids to come and read fables that help them learn something to help them in life.”
—  Samiha says, “I think it’s pretty cool because you can write a fable and read other kids fables too. There’s a possibility you may even maybe even learn from them. Something else I think is cool about this web is that your fable could even become an award winner. That is something to keep in mind so that you could set it as a goal.”

—  Lexi says, “I think it is a really good website for kids. It’s cute and I hope my fable gets to be on it.”
Barbara says, “I think it’s an awesome fable website because it really explains to you what a fable is and how to do it.”
—  Samantha says, “It’s an inspiration.”
—  Cassie says, “I think is a great place for kids to share their writing and learn to be better writers! I love this site!.”
—  Justin says, “I Love the fables that kids write I think they are very creative.”
—  Moses says, “KidsFables could inspire teachers and students to write fables.”
—  Michael says, “I love Fables And I finally get to read a Million of good ones here.”
—  Rasiyah says, “This site is a great reference and one that allows them to showcase their talents.”
—  Mackenzie says, “I love kids fables because it is something to do when you come home from school or if you’re sick. It is sooo FUN.”
—  GG says, “I like Kids Fable because I like to read other peoples fable and see what other kids write about.”
—  Sabrina says, “It is so cool! You get to read other cool fables and you get to write your own fable!.”
—  Alexis says, “I liked the opportunity to be able to submit my own fable.”
—  Sid says, “It’s great! I loved reading the fables that other kids wrote.”
—  Olivia says, “I think it is a great place where kids can write a fable and have a good time with it.”
—  Tebrine says, “I think that is a great place for kids to find out information on how to write fables and I also think that it was a great idea for kids to get a chance to write there own fables.”
—  Kearah says, “I think kids fables is a great way for kids to jump start there life. Because of kids fables many kids will notice their talent and become an author or a newspaper publisher. I think kids fables is a wonderful site.”
—  Alexandria says, “I think that is an amazing website that allows kids to grow their imagination while working on their writing skills. This website also teaches kids writing methods, stories, and lessons of life that will leave them better off.”
—  Molly says, “I love reading things that other people in my age group write, so this site is definitely great for me. I love how anyone can submit fables.”
—  Amy says, “I think that KidsFables is a great way to read fables that kids wrote. It is a great way for more kids to learn about fables and that it is a once in a life time chance to have a fable published on the Internet a such a young age.”

—  Destiny wrote a special thank you note to all of us at KidsFables.  We appreciate your note Destiny! We hope you continue to improve your writing skills.
Destiny wrote:
My class had to write a fable to enter a contest to see who is the award winner throughout the third grades of Pueblo.
Out of my class I wrote the best fable. So far I’m the winner out of my class just because I read all of your fables. They gave me a very good idea of writing my own.
I thank all of you for helping me and giving me an idea about what I could right about, especially the award winners helped me.
So thank you again for helping me.
Destiny T.

—  Ellie says, “I like this site because when I have nowhere to go and I’m looking for some fun, I can come here!”
—  Kaluumn says, “I think it is a really great site. I really enjoyed reading all the fables and I hope mine can be on here too. I would feel very special.”
—  Lindsey says, “I love the site. It helped me write all my stories.”
—  Samantha says, “It is a very good site. I can’t wait to look at it more!.”
—  Neveetha say. “It is very fun and inspiring too.”
—  Autumn says, “I just learned about fables and I like reading what other kids say.”
—  Zoe says, “It’s great to teach kids about fables and for them to experience how making up a fable feels.”
—  Katie says on another day, “It is Gr8!!!!!!!!”
—  Jonathon says, “I think that it is fun, neat, and cool!”
—  Tiara says, “I think is very good for me because I like reading and writing fables.”
—  Katie says, “It’s really fun. I like reading other peoples fables because it helps me think of something.”
—  Jaime says, “It’s really cool because I never got to write a story on line.”
—  Kristen says, “It is a good way to learn to be a good person in life by the morals in fables.”
—  Colin says, “I think it is a great way for kids to fulfill their dreams as an author.”
—  Martha says, “It makes want to write.”
—  Lauryn says, “I think that KidsFables is interesting because it makes kids feel better about themselves. KidsFables makes kids enjoy reading and want to read all the time. KidsFables makes kids want to know what they are going to discover in each story they read.”
—  Bailey says, “I think KidsFables is a great site for teachers because it has a lot that teachers can share with their class.”
—  Saleha says, “I think it is a way to explore new fables that I never heard of!”
—  Shaylie says, “I love this site soooo much. It helps me in English!!!”
—  Shelby says, “It’s the greatest!!!!!!”
—  Kaitie says, “Wow. I feel this gives kids an opportunity to write and to be the ones to tell the story.
Thank you for the chance to write a fable!”
—  Deborah, says, “I think its a great creative writing program for us kids!!”
—  Griffin says, “Fun!!!”
—  Edward says, “I like reading them and like writing fables. Thank you for letting me send in my fable.”
—  Daytona says, “I enjoy the stories and we read them in class.”
—  Mallory says, “It’s good and all the fables are really cool.”
—  Keeley says, “It is awesome and I love it.”
—  Rhianna says, “It is a very inspiring place for kids to express there imagination.”
—  Adam says, “I love this site.”
—  Jordyn says, “It’s very educational.”
—  Josephine says, “The web site is the best EVER!”
—  Jami says, “Really, really cool.”
—  Alyanne says, “It is very nice.”
—  Scott says, “I think it’s fun!”
— Mette says,”It is excellent and a lot of fun!!”
—  Abby says, “Kids Fables is a really good website as it helped me with my homework and is a good way to express your fables!”
—  Sabrina says, “I think KidsFables is a wonderful production for children to learn.”
—  Ikrah says, “I think KidsFables is great. I love fables.”
—  Krystyna says, “I just discovered it, but I think it’s a great place for young kids/tweens/teens with creative writing talents to publish our works.”
—  Priyanka says, “It is awesome! I love to read fables and use the morals they teach us in life.”
—  Nathan says, “Its awesome and it helps me learn lessons in life.”
—  Cam says, “It’s totally cool and fun for kids to learn about and learn some new lessons.”
—  Kylie says, “It Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
—  Tania says, “It is cool because everybody could read my story and give their opinion.”
—  McKenna says, “I think it rocks like crazy!”
—  Hina says, “I like kids fables because kids can express their stories to the world.”
—  Faith says, “I think is a wonderful site for young readers. I already have two stories on this website!!!!”
—  Jaime says, “I love to write fables and this is a cool web site.”
—  Elle says, “I like it because I can get a chance to publish online!”
—  Ahn says, “I think this site is good for kids to create many kinds of fables.”
—  Denver says, “I think it is amazing. I think kids fables is a wonderful website!!.”
—  Sidney says, “It is AWESOME!!!”
—  Matthew says, “Excellent.”
—  Chantel says, “It’s a fun place to read and write fables.”
—  Hina says, “ really lets kids use their imagination to express there feelings. I think kids fables is a good site! It gives kids good advice if they are having any problems too.”
—  Joe says, “Cool beans.”
—  Paula says, “Great idea, fantastic learning tool to pass on wisdom to children and people of all ages.”
—  Nicole says, “It is a very helpful site for getting ideas and reading interesting stories.”
—  Thomas says, “It’s good because children can make there own fables.”
—  Lauren says, “I think it’s cool that we get to publish our stories!”
—  Connor says, “It was fun to read other kids stories.”
—  Taylor says, “We love reading it in class.”
—  Charissa says, “It is a inspiring web site for children.”
—  Christopher says, “It is fun.”
—  Alexandra says, “I think it is a great place on the internet because kids get chance to show their abilities to lots of other people.”
—  Sydney says, “It is a fun way to learn!”
—  Haylie says, “We love reading these, and are learning about fables.”
—  Shanna says, “It is a fun site.”

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